Is Zoom App Down? How To Fix if Unable To Join Meeting

Surprisingly, Zoom App suddenly started facing criticism as users have been encountered some major issues from Australia, London, and some other parts of the world. Peoples are unable to get it that either the servers are down or it’s just a random bug or error that causes the error. 

Apart from reporting the issue in the official community, the users blasted with tweets on Twitter complaining about some severe problem and asking questions if they are the only ones who get the error or thousands of other users are affecting the same. So, now the question is, is there any fix available to this error? Well, let’s find it in this detailed guide. 

Is Zoom App Down? How To Fix if Unable To Join Meeting

Is Zoom App Down? How To Fix if Unable To Join Meeting

As per the reports, the crash issue occurs from today morning at 8 AM when some users are having trouble operating the Zoom on the app and website. It is irritating when we want to use the Zoom Application regularly to take many regular tasks via Zoom, like an important scheduled meeting or online classes. Nowadays, after post covid parameters, we still continue our work from home. 

As per the tweets and reports all over the internet, the issue is the users are unable to join the conference call or ever start any video call. Here are some examples that users are reporting: 

However, the issue may have any backend issue or any technical glitch lets move to all the possible solutions to fix the problem.

Fix 1 – Check Internet Connection

The primary method to resolve the bug is to check the internet connection. Zoom is an internet-based Application. to connect with other users, and it required a stable internet connection. In today’s world, the use of the internet increases over 170 % from earlier. Also, due to the upgrade of 5G, some operators are shifting the network or repair on their backend. So the internet is the main reason behind the unusual behavior of the app. 

Plug out all the internet connections and restart the modem once. Then, again plugin and check the internet speed with any software or website to know the clear picture of your internet speed. If necessary, then contact the internet provider technicals to get it fixed.

Fix 2 – Check for the App Update

On afternoon Zoom says that they know and receives many reports over the various platform for the outrage of the Application. And they sincerely apologies for the inconvenience of the user. They said that the developers are already working to fix the issue and provide a fresh update to solve the bug.

 Moreover, you can check on the App Store, Microsoft Store, and Google Playstore for the update it may release anytime. Finally, download and install the update to use the app smoothly on your devices.

Fix 3: Keep an eye on Social Media

In this modern era, most of the announced on social media platforms, like releasing any trailer or a product launch and promoting any update or providing all necessary information. Therefore, we recommend you to follow Zoom on all the social platforms to know accurate information about the Applications, new updates, or ways to fix the current issues. 

Also, you may see all other issues or the alternate way to fix the problem posted by other users. It is always a great way to report the issues on the company’s official page on social media instead of the draft of a mail and so on. As per a survey, it will get rectified faster than any other way.

Fix 4 – Go to DownDetector

It is not a new name for all of us. We hear about the website once in a while on the internet. It is an online platform that provides all necessary real-time information of most online services and websites. The website is base on the outrage report of other users collected from various sources. 

Moreover, it also shows a map to know where the impact of the issue is immense than other parts. If you also want to know what other users are reported on the crash issue of the Zoom app. For that, you must visit Downdetector regularly. It will help you understand more information about the problem.

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So, that’s it for now. We hope you find this guide helpful. Meanwhile, if even after following the above fixes, you are still facing the same error. We recommend you wait until Zoom officials roll out some fixes. Now, use our comment box and tell us your thought about this suddenly break over.

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