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How to Use Windows 11 WiFi Dual Station

Windows 11 is one of the trending things in recent times. Most of us are trying to get familiar with the new Windows OS and its features. Windows 11 comes with a WiFi dual station, and it is one of the essential and upgraded features. 

Nowadays, everything is in your hand, but we need stable and fast connectivity to connect with others, play games, and stream your favourite and latest series. Also, the mobile network has limited data and plans, but the WiFi is only dedicated to providing data speed with stability.

The WiFi dual station is heaven for gamers. If you ask any gamers the biggest fear while playing the game, the answer is simple they said lagging and internet disturbance. Qualcomm and valve have collaborated to improve latency in gaming. In short, it utilizes two streams to deliver a high gaming experience. Also, it requires a Qualcomm chip in your system. If you have all the given requirements, we know how to use a WiFi dual station in Windows 11.

How to Use Windows 11 WiFi Dual Station

Windows 11 WiFi Dual Station: How to Use it

The internet issue is the most important in our life. However, without an internet connection, we feel empty. After the covid pandemic, we are not aware of the benefit of internet data speed. The WiFi dual station is the much-awaited feature of Windows 11 to enhance the gaming experience and system performance. 

Let’s talk about the main feature then, the Auto HDR and direct storage improve the system’s performance because nowadays, the game size and the graphic quality may heat the system and cause a fear of lagging. Also, the up-gradation in optimizing RAM feature is icing on the cake.

Use WiFi Dual Station

It is only working on Qualcomm chipset, or gaming PC in windows 11 also has to support WiFi 6, the latest and fastest version of WiFi available in the industry.


The system can use 6 GHz as the rest of the frequency is used by other devices. However, the WiFi 6 enhances the WiFi capacity and increases its double speed for sending and receiving data.

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WiFi Dual Station Environment

It connects between the game server, router, and the device with the fastest speed. The system will need a WiFi dual station, and it is only available in windows 11. It uses networks in 2.4 and 5 GHz bands to provide ethernet-like speed in wireless connections that improve game performance, and you will enjoy the smooth, lag-free gaming experience.

Moreover, you will only use the dual WiFi feature on your device if your router is also compatible. The ordinary WiFi router can handle an average speed. So make sure that you will use the 2.4 and 5 GHz chipset in your router.

However, it will also decrease four times the latency and increase the communication and transfer speed as we know that latency is a vital part of the game. Moreover, with the WiFi dual station, you can use the LAN speed in the wireless connectivity. Furthermore, the Qualcomm chips are coming with new technology that uses the Bluetooth antenna to enhance WiFi connectivity with better audio quality.

Wrap Up

We hope now you will understand the necessary things t0 use the WiFi dual station in your system. In brief, it’s all about the system and the router that supports the feature. If you have any queries about the above topic, let us know through the comment box.

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