Is Windows 11 Best Optimised For Gaming?

Windows 11 is out now! However, Windows 1.0 in 1985 to Windows 11 is out there for the general public; everything got changed. Meanwhile, In 1995, when Windows 95 was released, which first introduced the start menu and right-clicking, enjoy the addition of games from reversi, minesweeper, pinball, and more!

But, now look at the new features that we are getting in Windows 11, including android apps and better multitasking. But, since, then it’s been a tricky thing to know which Windows version is the best for gaming.

Windows 11 | Which Windows Version Is The Best For Gaming?

Which Windows Version Is The Best For Gaming?

We are not going to talk about the older versions of Windows as it is evident that they are not more compatible for gaming as the Windows 10 or the new Windows 11. So, this means that we have two OS versions that need to be compared on the basis of gaming optimization.

Now, we all know what Windows 10 offers us previously. So, if we talk about the newer version, then, this time, Microsoft really works magnificently in order to provide the best experience to their users when it comes to gaming. Yes, this time, they added a bunch of improved features in their new OS version. 

#1. Auto HDR

Auto HDR mode is one of the biggest additions to Windows 11. However, it basically changes your SDR visuals to HDR quality even if the user doesn’t input action to do this. Yes, the OS will detect and notify users about the Auto HDR mode whenever it found an HDR-supported display. Previously, this feature is only available on Xbox series consoles. Also, when we compare on the basis of this feature, then Windows 11 is a clear winner.

#2. New and Improved Game Mode

In the older version of the OS, this feature is not available. But now, after this significant update, you’ll see a Game Mode option inside your Settings app. Meanwhile, to use this feature, you just need to hover to the Settings app, and under the dedicated Gaming Tab, toggle the Game Mode button to On position. 

Yeah! I agree that this feature is introduced with Windows 10 previously. But, this time, they have added a load of new features into it. So, it is now improved with some sneaky changes, which means it is indeed better than the version available on Windows 10. Now, again Windows 11 will be the clear winner.

#3. Direct Storage

This is an exclusive feature of Windows 11 as the first time Microsoft introduce this kind of feature. Now, your games load much faster than they previously load in older versions because of this feature. It is basically the DX12 Ultimate API that will reduce the dependency on the CPU and allow GPU to access the internal SSD directly.

Although it sounds imaginary, it is still surprising how Microsoft tweaks it to avoid the classic cycle of accessing an application. Also, this is a faster way to access your games by freeing up Lil-bit CPU usage.

#4. Xbox Game Pass & Cloud Integration With Xbox App

Don’t get me wrong, if I say that this feature in Windows 10 is horrible as it is not worth it. In the previous version, it is totally pulled out a bad user experience. It is messy, annoying, and buggy and contains many glitches that ruin the gaming experience. 

But, now again, Microsoft outlines this feature and claims that it is more advanced and free of bugs this time. Also, this new improvement will allow you to access all the Xbox applications in one single app in order to make the app faster. I hope that it is not the same as Windows 10. But, let’s see in the future when Microsoft releases the stable version of the new OS officially. 

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From Author’s Desk

As you can see that if we compare Windows 10 and 11, then it is clear cut that the 11th version has some benefit over the 10th. So, now the answer to the question is clear that which Windows version is the best for gaming is Windows 11. So, that’s it for this guide. I hope you find this guide helpful. If so, leave or drop a comment in the comment box down below.


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