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How to Watch SpaceX’s Crew-3 Mission to The International Space Station

The sky is the Limit is a famous proverb, but not anymore. In this advanced technology world, anything can happen, like Auto driven cars, to journey to Space. Yes, it’s possible now, and all credit goes to SpaceX and self-made billionaire Elon Musk. The best example is SpaceX’s Crew-3 mission.

Here is the much-requested blog about SpaceX’s crew – 3 mission. After a lot of research, we brought you the detailed roadmap of the Space X mission. Your all question will answer in this article, such as how it began and where should we watch the SpaceX mission.

Elon Musk is not a new name for anyone as we know him as the biggest industrialist of America and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. Also, his company Tesla is the biggest producer of electric car parts and battery and solar energy equipment for use in houses. However, one of the biggest projects apart from SpaceX is the underground transport system.

How to Watch SpaceX’s Crew-3 Mission to The International Space Station

Is There Are Way to Watch SpaceX’s Crew-3 Mission to the International Space Station?

If we look into the life of Elon Musk, then we know him more. In other words, he is the Tony Stark in real life. His life is an inspirational story for all of us, and it started in a Basement and now developed as a billion-dollar company with over 6000 employees. He is working to fulfil his dream that is impossible even to think of by any normal human. He learned computer coding at the age of 10 and developed a game named “Blaster,” and a magazine later purchased that game for $ 500.

It is just a beginning of a new era, and in 2004 Elon started the Tesla company and said that the future is electric. Now he is coming with a lot of ventures such as Start link – a superfast internet provider in the world, SpaceX new missions, Tesla cars, and a new colony on Mars.

What is SpaceX’s Crew-3 Mission?


SpaceX is a private organization originally named Exploration Technologies Corporation but known as SpaceX and owned by Elon Musk that manufactures spaceships and Rockets. It is the only company that regularly rocket returning stages to earth to recycle to reuse again. Also, the company regularly send cargo to Space, and for now, they are sending astronaut.

How Is It Possible?


SpaceX launched Falcon, the world’s powerful rocket, on 6 February 2018, named Falcon from Kennedy Space Center, Florida. Suppose we talked about the weight of the Falcon rocket, then 63.8 tons that equals two space shuttles. Then, after a lot of training and planning, Space X is ready to launch its next project that takes humans after a long period.

The name of the Mission is Inspiration 4, and the Rocket name is Dragon. The astronaut is not professional, but SpaceX takes full responsibility for the mission. Four astronauts are handling the mission. The astronauts are trained for five months, and the spacecraft is not used for 3-4 hrs, but it will travel 575KM for three days and observe the earth, Moon, and Mars.

Where To Watch SpaceX’s Crew-3 Mission?


If weather permitted, the SpaceX mission is set to launch from 39A at Kennady Space Center, Florida, on 31 October at 2.21 AM EDT. But as per recent news, the mission is rescheduled to 2 November and now 7 November 7.00 AM due to bad weather.

The research centres, NASA and SpaceX, will live to stream it on their app, website, and Youtube channel. You can follow them on Twitter for the updates link given below. Also, you can click on the live streaming like to watch and be part of the history and a new step to the future.

Twitter Handle

Live Stream

Now, What Next?

After the success of the previous mission, now it’s time for humans to explore Space again. As Elon Musk said, in 2030 the SpaceX is ready to explore and create a colony over Mars. SpaceX has already begun the project, and soon we will get more updates. Also, there are many ongoing and upcoming missions already in the pipeline.

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That’ll for the brief of SpaceX Crew – 3 mission we hope that the mission is successful like the previous one. The growth rate of SpaceX is tremendous, and in the new few years, it may become the largest space centre in the world. So if you are also Space enthusiastic and love to explore Space, you must witness the mission’s launching.

We hope you like the inspirational story of the Space X Crew 3 mission, and if you have any suggestions or feedback, do let us know in the comment box, and for a more interesting topic like SpaceX, then put Clancarousel as a bookmark.

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