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5 Visual Studio Code Extensions That Make Programming Easier

Visual Studio Code is an extremely amazing code editor. It’s open-source, and the community support and extensions are awesome. This article will cover my personal best top 5 VS Code extensions that I use daily. Well, VSCode is pretty good but can be a bit overwhelming with all the options and extensions available.

Meanwhile, if you don’t know anything about this, please tighten your seat belt because you will experience an adventurous journey in which you’ll learn about the best Visual Studio Code Extensions that make the programming easier. So, I’m hoping you can read what I’ve mentioned in this guide carefully till the end.

5 Visual Studio Code Extensions That Make Programming Easier


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Top 5 Best Visual Studio Code Extensions For Programming

You may have to face many issues while writing code, right? But, now, by the end of this article, you will become happy knowing these amazing Visual Studio Code Extensions for programming. So, let’s dive into it: 

#1. Live Server

It’s a very pleasant extension for all the web developers over there. This will make creating websites in Visual Studio Code much easier. You will get a local development server with a real-time reload feature for static & dynamic pages.

It helps to open up your project in the browser within a click and automatically reloads the browser tab as you save your work. This tool is a must for those who love to code on Visual Studio Code.

Moreover, many of them might only be using VS Code due to this awesome extension. This extension has definitively sped up your web development process, and it’s one anyone can use every day. Therefore, there is no more having to switch over to your browser and click to refresh the page to see your changes.

Live Server takes care of all of that! But here’s a catch, it sometimes can also make some gross errors or just don’t work, making the whole coding experience worse.

#2. GitLens

Are you want to elevate your Git workflow inside the Visual Studio Code? If so, then you must have to check out the GitLens VS Code extension. It’s crammed with exceptional features for enhancing your Git workflow right inside of VS Code. 

GitLens extension basically just does everything that you could ever imagine and probably things that you couldn’t even imagine before. So, we suggest you try this out. This will also help you to visualize code authorship at a glimpse using the Git blame annotations and code lens.

#3. Code Spell Checker

There’s nothing worse than getting a request for change on a pull request that’s due to a misspelled word. Code Spell Checker to the rescue! No more committing code with spelling mistakes and no more wasted pull request reviews.

As software engineers, we often find ourselves making typos that can be quite costly both in terms of time and mental effort trying to track down where the errors code spell checker. But, the Code Spell Checker VS Code will help you manage our spelling errors while programming, so you must check this extension for sure.

#4. Kite

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have an AI that will also help you with your coding, especially when you’re writing in python and coding your data science project?

Kite is actually a machine learning model trained on over 25 million files. Therefore, it will learn from your code and suggest in a code completion manner which code you are more likely to type in in the next couple of seconds, and so it’s going to provide you with some suggestions.

This will make your code writing speed faster by saving your keystones and suggesting you the right information. Work on almost every major programming language such as Python, Typescript, React, Ruby, Scala, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Java, Go, PHP, C/C#/C++, etc.

#5. Live Share

This Pandemic taught us that we need better ways to work remotely. Working remotely with your team has never been easier with the Live Share VS Code extension.

But, this VS Code Extension from Microsoft the Live Share lets others view, debug and edit your code remotely without the need for cloning repos or installing dependencies.

So whether you’re debugging together or pair programming or doing peer reviews, all those sorts of things you can do through VS Code without them having to do a pawn or a fork of repo and do all that kind of stuff.

From Author’s Desk

So, these were a few Visual Studio Codes Extension that will make your programming easier. We hope that you find the above-mentioned extensions useful. However, if in case, you know of any other crucial VS Code that we forgot to mention here, please let us know. 

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