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How to Use ShowBox on Chromecast (Beignner)

Watching movies and TV shows is one of the best options for your free time. There are many streaming apps available today that you can use to watch movies and TV series. For example, ShowBox is a free stream service. ShowBox content includes a large number of movies and series with different categories.

You can watch movies from different countries on ShowBox. Each movie is available in different qualities such as 360p, 480p, 720p in this software. ShowBox is also compatible with various devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. In addition, you can download movies and watch them offline.

Chromecast is a media player through which you can stream content from your mobile or PC to your TV. In this article, we will explain how to fix Google Chrome. To use Chromecast, you need to install one of the casting apps, such as ShowBox, on your mobile phone. Here is how to use Chromecast to stream your ShowBox media on TV. We also talk about top tips to fix Google Chrome.

How to Use ShowBox on Chromecast (Beignner)

Security of your information

ShowBox is an illegal app. All movies and TV series are available for free on this software, regardless of copyright. Therefore, you should be aware that some of your personal information may be misused while using this program.

To protect your personal information, it is best to turn on your VPN when using the app. This will change your IP address and protect your information. In addition, due to copyright, ShowBox is not available on Google Play. So, you must download it from a third-party site.

Steps to Use the Chromecast ShowBox

We will now explain step-by-step how to use Chromecast to stream ShowBox media on a TV.

1- Software installation

ShowBox is not available on Google Play, but you can download it from a third-party site. For this reason, the device may not allow the software to be installed because of security issues. To resolve this issue, first, go to your mobile settings. Select the Apps and Notifications. Then go to the security section. Finally, enable the Apps from Unknown Source option to allow the device to install the application.

2- Chromecast setup

Now you need to connect your Chromecast device to the HDMI port of the TV. Then download and install the Local Cast for Chromecast app from Google Play. Note that this software is required to play media from a phone or computer on a TV.

3-ShowBox Setup

Open the ShowBox app. From the menu, select Settings. Select the Default Player option and set it to other players. Now select a video from the app and play it. From the displayed video players, select Localcast. The device automatically searches for available Chromecast devices. Choose your Chromecast device. The video is now playing on the TV.

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Author’s Words

Chromecast is one of the media players that can be used to stream Showbox content on TV. You just have to download and install the required apps such as Showbox and Local Cast for Chromecast. Then connect your Chromecast device to the HDMI port of the TV.

Then, open the app and play the content you want. From the displayed video players, select Localcast. In this way, the content of the Showbox is streaming on television. If you follow the steps correctly, you can also fix Google Chrome and use it without any problems.

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