How to Unlock The OnePlus Factory Mode and Access it Without Root

OnePlus is one of those brands that is known for its flagship Smartphones for over a decade. It is due to powerful performance with regular updates. However, many of us may have a different opinion about that, but overall it is one of the popular smartphones worldwide. 

If we talk about the specs, the OnePlus provide the latest balanced quality in a budget-friendly amount. OnePlus is also one of the first devices that offers a set of diagnosis tools through which you can use beyond its feature. On the other hand, Android is known for its customization, and it has some application that seems like inbuilt OEM bloatware (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that the developers and the mobile engineers use. 

These apps will mainly help diagnose test runs to check whether all hardware and software are working properly. Previously, we used the *#808# to access the feature, but now OnePlus has removed it from the directory and changed the application’s name to Factory Mode. So here we know the possible ways to unlock the OnePlus Factory mode and access it without Root.

How to Unlock The OnePlus Factory Mode and Access it Without Root

Steps to Unlock The OnePlus Factory Mode and Access it Without Root

To short this issue, the XDA community is creating a tool that roots the device and customizes it, but it is not for the normal user. It has a huge risk to lose your OnePlus device data, and sometimes the device is not booting. However, the developer name Androplus creates a new method and name it Factory mode in which you can unlock the Oneplus device by the code generator.

Note: Make sure that we don’t recommend you go through the Factory Mode as it is too risky and if you don’t know about it. Also, the web-based unlocker does not store your device’s IMEI number, and as the IMEI number is very sensitive, be alert before sharing it anywhere.

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Unlock The OnePlus Factory Mode and Access it Without Root

Before moving to the steps to unlock the OnePlus factory mode, make sure to create a back of your data so that you will keep it safe.

  1. Enter *#06# on the dial pad of your OnePlus device and press the call button.OnePlus Factory Mode
  2. Now Copy the IMEI 1 code from the result.IMEI 1 code OnePlus
  3. Then, paste the copied IMEI number on the blank field in that link.
  4. After that, tap on Convert to know the Unlock code.
  5. Again dial *#*#5646#*#* on the dial pad and tap the dial button. Then, in the next tab, you will be asked to scan a QR code and press the Back button to access the code input page.
  6. Then put the Unlock code and tap on OK.
  7. You get a successful Decryprion message on the next tab that means the process applied successfully.
  8. Now to access the Factory Mode, use *#808# or *#36446337#

You may not be able to use the above steps on some of the older versions like the OnePlus 7series, but you can select Unloack for 10 Minutes, and after generating, you have to generate the unlock code again.

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