How To Fix Unable To Connect to World in Minecraft

Minecraft is totally an enthusiast game, and it’s an honour to be alive to see another game reach such stardom. It is the best-selling gaming platform of all time, and also it’s among the most popular game worldwide. Meanwhile, with over 130 Million regular active users, this game has become a massive success.

However, as you see, the player base is so humongous, so it is apparent that the players may have to face some technical glitches whenever a great crowd plays this game at a time. That’s the main reason why people are currently unable to connect to the world in Minecraft.

Despite this isn’t looking very pleasant as you cannot communicate with your friends. So, some players getting furious and just poping comments in various gaming forums and ask for ways to get out of this situation. Luckily, our team find out some really impactful fixes to fix the unable to connect to world error in Minecraft. So, why waiting? Let’s directly jump into the guide and see what the different ways to fix this issue are.

How To Fix Unable To Connect to World in Minecraft

How To Fix Unable To Connect to World in Minecraft

In an attempt to shine this gaming leviathan, here I explained serious and effective fixes to fix this unable to connect to the world error message on Minecraft. Yeah! Exactly what you expected from ClanCarousel, I’m sure. So, let’s shed some light on those fixes: 

  • If you are playing this on Xbox and able to connect to your Xbox Live but are unable to connect to the world in Minecraft. Then, the issue is related to NAT (Network Address Translation). Follow the path Profile & system< Settings< General< Network settings. Then, inside the Current Network Status, choose the NAT type and set it to Open.
  • After that, check your online privacy and settings. If you are on Xbox, then make sure both You can create and join clubs and Join Multiplayer Games should be enabled.
  • If the methods mentioned above don’t work, then try re-adding your friend. Also, once reload your private world.
  • Are you using a Windows firewall to protect your PC from malware attacks? Then, I suggest you disable it while playing Minecraft. Or if you don’t want this, then you can allow the Minecraft through Windows firewall
  • Did you check for a network driver update? No, then check it now, as this could be the reason behind this error.
  • Change the following settings: 
    1. First, hover to the Xbox website.
    2. Now, shift to the Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Privacy tab.
    3. Then, locate the Join multiplayer games option and click on it.
    4. After that, make sure it is set to Allow position. Then, hit the Submit button.
  • If you are using third-party antivirus software, then disable it as this may conflict with your game.
  • Still, no luck? Did you try using a VPN? If no, then use a VPN and try to reconnect to the world.
  • Check your internet speed via Google and, if needed, then shift to another network.
  • The fixes don’t help you? Then, I suggest you reinstall the game once and check if it helps. If still, you cannot connect to the world. Then, contact the support team and ask them for help.

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Final Words

Minecraft is among one of the few games that anyone can play, either you are a kid or an adult, as their gameplay is friendly for any person. That’s the main reason why this game gets a lot of love from users worldwide. But, sometimes, this kind of glitch makes feel users shift to another game. So, I think developers need to take care of these things and soon fix all the bugs and glitches that easily bothersome Minecraft fans. 

So, that’s all I said about this topic. I hope this guide helped you fixing the connection error. However, if you want any other info or give us your valuable feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team in the comment box.

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