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How to Fix the ‘This Sound Isn’t Available” Error in TikTok

Real People, Real Videos” the world is surrounded by talented people, but it’s very tough to showcase your talent. 

TikTok is a destination for short, exciting videos covering almost every genre users create and share their creativity. But if you notice that the content’s sound is mute or unavailable, it irritates the user and decreases the popularity.

Recently the TikTok users faced a new issue on the application of this sound that isn’t available on videos. Although TikTok officials are not confirmed the cause of the problem, some users say it is due to a copyright violation but don’t worry, here are some methods that can fix the ‘This sound isn’t available” on TikTok.

How to Fix the 'This Sound Isn't Available" Error in TikTok

Fix: ‘This Sound Isn’t Available” Error in TikTok

TikTok is always trending due to its content and sometimes banned in many countries due to security issues, but after all the problems, it is still one of the best short video apps. But before uploading the video, check once that it does not violate any condition of TikTok.

However, some primary steps are checking your device’s volume settings or your phone’s mute feature is disabled. Also, check the required permissions allowed to the app.

#1. Re-upload the Video

If the video still does not have any audio output after modifying the above changes, then the issue may be copyright infringement. Go to the edit section and change the audio to any copyright-free version and check whether it is working or not.

Moreover, you can edit the video from any other application or video editor then again re-upload the video by tapping the + icon and selecting Upload.

The screen will trim the section, trim the video if needed, and then next. After that adding music from the sound section and then upload and check with other devices.

#2. Clear Cache and Restart Application

Chache is also one of the main culprits of the sound not available issue. Many users have known the steps to delete the cache from the settings app of the smartphone. After deleting the cache, restart the application and the device to apply the changes. Rese=tarting the device will help to fix many bugs. 

#3. Add the Sound During Editing And Re-upload It

Sometimes TikTok itself muted some of the user’s video due to copyright issues, and it depended on the AI of TikTok. The AI is to check the content of the video and the sound.

The content is taken down without any notification or information if anything goes wrong. But we know machine learning is not always accurate. So try to re-upload the video again by editing the sound in the app.

  • Tap the + icon in the Tiltok app and select the Upload option.
  • Trimming the video if needed and tap on Next on the trimming section.
  • After that, go to the sound section and select any available music as TikTok officially licences them, preventing the video from being muted.
  • Then after adding music, you will notice there are two sliders of sound indicating the original and added sound volume meter. If you want to use your original sound, move the added sound to zero. It means the added sound is mute, and by default, the original sound is the only output available in the video.
  • Now press next and add filters and then publish to your account. Finally, check that your video is no sound issue while playing the content.

#4. Check for Update

The next step is to check for any updates for the TikTok app from the App Store or Google Playstore. The app may have any technical bug-like shutdown itself, video taken down or sound is not available in your video.

After updating the TikTok app, close the app from the background and restart. Also, you can log out once and re-login again and upload the video.

#5. Check the Sound Availability

Also, the following reason behind the error is the sound is not available in your region or country, and TikTok will remove all the videos that contain not licenced music or sound due to censorship. Finally, the issue may also be due to other users’ mass reports of the video. Therefore, we suggest you upload a fresh video with licenced music and check there is no issue regarding the content.

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For creators, the biggest problem is copyright. So to prevent any issues while uploading or sharing content in TikTok or any other content creating an app like YouTube. However, music is a sensitive thing in the current situation. We all know music production is the most challenging job, like any other creative thing. Still, the music is not personal, so the video is private or taken down from the app if it violates copyright conditions. So, that’s it from our side. We will catch you in the next one. 

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