How to Solve The Ghost Touch Issue on iPhone X

There are few instances in your life where you realize that errors can occur even with one of the best names in their fields. Apple, the name itself explains to you the value and quality of their products, and of course, there is no doubt in it. They put forward the products in the market, which provides one of the best user experiences and helps you make your life easier. As nowadays smartphone is one of the primary needs of human life. 

However, the errors in our smartphones can make us feel very frustrated and irritated. And that’s obvious because we paid a massive amount of money to get it. Still, sometimes in order to enhance your Apple smartphone experience, they push some software updates, making your device run even more smoothly. But, sometimes, these updates create a problem. Unfortunately, Apple’s recent iOS update is creating some problems for iPhone X users as many users have complained about the ghost touch issue. Luckily, we have the solutions to fix this ghost touch issue on iPhone X. So, keep reading this guide.

How to Solve The Ghost Touch Issue on iPhone X

How to Solve The Ghost Touch Issue on iPhone X

Before we move towards the fixing steps, let’s know a little bit about this issue as most users still don’t know about this issue.

What is ghost touch?

Sometimes without your command or instructions, the phone performs some tasks automatically on its own. This problem is given the name ghost touch. It can just sweep the apps or make calls or open anything on your phone, which can be very problematic.

iPhone Models affected:

iPhone X and several other models like iPhone XR and XS are also affected by this problem. However, Apple acknowledged this problem and announced that they would take care of their customer’s problems and provide the required services without charging extra bucks. But, currently, users have nothing to resolve this. 

Now, you might be happy to know that we’ve collected some temporary solutions to this bug after researching. You may also try these solutions and check if it helps you. 

How to Fix Ghost Touch:

There are few ways that you can use to solve this problem at home. These ways can save your time and don’t make you run to the service center. So, here are the solutions are as follows:

Fix 1: Maintain Clean Screen: 

If your touchscreen of the phone gets or moist, there are chances of occurrence of this problem again and again. So keep your touchscreen clean, and wiping it once before you use it can help a bit.

Fix 2: Try Restart: 

First of all, you can simply restart your device and check if the issue gets resolved. A simple reboot can give your device a fresh start to perform better. So, you may also try this, and after that, the issue gets resolved most probably. 

Fix 3: Force Restart:

A force restart is totally different from the normal reboot process. Force restart can a more robust form of restarting your phone. So it has the potential to be temporarily resolved the issue as it will kill all the background processes and able to fix temporary bugs and glitches. Here are some steps you need to do: 

  • Volume up and volume-down buttons should be pressed simultaneously and released immediately.
  • The side button should behold on until the Apple logo reflects on the screen.

Fix 4: Check for OS Update:

If your iPhone’s OS is not up to date, then you should try updating the software. This is a more effective process than the others mentioned above. Sometimes, a few updates contain bugs. So, it might be possible that the recent update contains some bugs and glitches. So, developers fix that issue by providing another update. We recommend you keep checking for updates. To check for updates, follow the below mentioned simple steps: 

  • Go to settings. 
  • Then, click on general
  • Now, head towards the software update section. 
  • Then, download and install it.

Fix 5: Try factory reset:

Factory reset will delete all your data; therefore, backup is recommended before performing it, but this can try to fix errors in your device and give you a smoother experience.

  • To do so, click on the Settings followed by General.
  • Then, tap on the Reset button.
  • Now, you have to choose Erase All Content and Settings option.
  • Then, next tap to Erase button.

Fix 6: iPhone Recovery:

Performing iPhone recovery can be a more complex task, and you need a computer as well for that. So, to perform this complex recovery process of your iPhone, you should visit the nearest iPhone service center to get your phone recovered.

Also, keep checking for updates as Software updates are essential for your devices to preserve the security of your smartphone. So, by realizing the fact that software updates can sometimes be problematic due to bugs and errors in software, one should not assume that every update can make your finely working device into a trouble-making machine. 

So, that’s it for this guide. We hope the solutions mentioned above fix the problems you are facing. But remember that these solutions are temporary. And if the issue remains there, then you should visit the nearest Apple service centers as they will surely give you a firm solution. You can now, comment if you have any further issues while fixing this. Also, if you are new here don’t forget to check out our other latest guides.

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