How to Fix Sniper Elite 5 Crash at Launch Issue on Windows 11 PC

Do you face Sniper Elite 5 crash at launch issue on your Windows 11 PC? This guide will help you fix it. Well, the newest installment of the Sniper Elite series, Sniper Elite 5, is a third-person combat sniping game that offers immense fun at consistently highly unique gunplay and supports all platforms. 

Known for its award-winning series, Sniper Elite 5 was released recently and has become a fan-favorite game. However, many PC players have reported crashes at launch on Windows. 

While this is an issue Rebellion Studio should look at, until an official fix is released, players can try to solve the issue themselves with the help of the solutions below.

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How to Fix Sniper Elite 5 Crash at Launch Issue on Windows 11 PC

Sniper Elite 5 Crash at Launch Issue

Players on Steam have reported that the game is unplayable due to the constant crashing and launch issues faced by them whenever they start to run the game. There can be many reasons why the game is facing issues at launch, such as outdated hardware, compatibility problems, etc. 

The game is still new, and like other newly launched games, it is common to have game-breaking bugs at the time of launch. So, players should expect a patch that will fix the issues soon.

How to Fix Sniper Elite 5 Crashing and Launch Issues on Windows 11 PC?

Before we go any further, cross-check the recommended requirements for Sniper Elite 5 with your PC specs.

  1. Processor – Intel Core i5-8400 Processor or AMD Equivalent
  2. OS – Windows 10 and Windows 11 64-bit operating systems required
  3. Graphics – 4GB – 6GB GPU with a DirectX 12 Support
  4. Memory – 16GB RAM
  5. Storage – 85GB Disk Space

Fix 1: Make Sure to Run Sniper Elite 5 on Windows with the Strike Pack Installed

As mentioned above, a 64-bit operating system is required to run Sniper Elite 5. Rebellion Studio, the team behind Sniper Elite series, has stated that to run the game smoothly on Windows 11 and Windows 10, the latest version of the strike pack should be installed on the device.

Fix 2: Verify Game Files

If your Sniper Elite 5 files are not verified, then you should verify them because there’s a possibility that it might be the reason why Sniper Elite 5 fails to start every time you run it. 

Step 1, Go to Epic Games Launched and open the games library.

Step 2, Click on the three dots below the Sniper Elite 5 Cover photo. After clicking on the three, a small tab should open on your screen.

Step 3, Select Verify from the tab opened in front of you.

Step 4, Launch Sniper Elite 5 once again.Verify Integrity of Game Files on Epic

Fix 3: Restart Your PC

It is a good practice to restart the app and device if you face any unknown issues. Restart your Windows 11 PC and open the game again. What will happen is that the whole system and every resource will open and start again, which reduces the chances of carrying forward any bug/glitch that is causing the issue. 

Also, stop running any apps in the background to increase the strength of internet speed to increase your chances of establishing a strong internet connection.

Fix 4: Update Your Drivers

Another good habit for PC users is always keeping Windows Drivers updated to the latest version to increase their functioning and effectiveness. Drivers are responsible for rendering anything on screen and proper functioning of apps to make them run smoothly. Updated drivers will prevent any harm to your PC in the long run.

To keep your Drivers up to date with its latest version. Follow the procedure below.

  1. Open the Device Manager.
  2. Then, tap on the Display Adapter.
  3. Now, right-click on the GPU name and select Update Driver.Update GPU Driver

Fix 5: Run Game as Administrator

Run Sniper Elite 5 as an administrator to solve any problem of restricted permissions required by the game to run smoothly. To run the game as an administrator,

  1. In the Windows C Drive, locate the installation folder for V Rising. For your reference, the folder should be at this location, C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common.
  2. In the installation folder, find the .exe file of V Rising.
  3. Right-click the SniperElite5.exe file and select Properties.
  4. In properties, under the compatibility tab, check the administrator option and hit the Apply > Ok.Run as administrator

So, that’s how you fix the Sniper Elite 5 crash at launch issue on your Windows 11 PC. We hope that you find this guide helpful. However, in case you need more info, comment below and let us know. Meanwhile, you can also read, Call Of Duty: All Dev Error Codes (Updated) 2022 | Fixed.


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