Top 5 Showbox (18+) Alternatives for Android, IOS in 2021

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There isn’t any doubt that Showbox is considered to be amongst the most popular apps out there. But, there has been a ban on Showbox in many countries over time, and even though Showbox attempted to rebrand, we find it quite tough to gain access to the app at present. Consequently, it turned out to be quite sensible to opt for Showbox alternatives. Below, we will mention the top five Showbox alternatives for iOS and Android in 2021.

Top 5 Showbox (18+) Alternatives for Android, IOS in 2021

Some Best Showbox (18+) Alternatives for Android, IOS in 2021

Many individuals like to relax following an entire day’s work. Nothing will be better than seeing a movie at the end of the day. You will come across many video streaming applications on the Internet right now.

However, you have to make payments before watching all these movies. While, in the case of Showbox, it is absolutely free to watch. But, as we have already stated that this application is banned in most countries. That’s why we are here with the Showbox alternative. So, if you want, then you can use them. 


If you are looking for apps similar to the ShowBox platform, then this one is for you. But unlike the other applications mentioned here, Stremio happens to be unique. It receives content from certified streams out there.

Stremio is among the best alternatives to Showbox. It can work with virtually all streaming services. Moreover, this app can work with almost any platform, such as Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Pros :

  • Is attuned with Chromecast
  • Easy to install
  • It can be streamed from verified sources
  • Supports subtitles

Cons :

  • Account needs to be created before utilizing the service.

Popcorn Time

This alternative to the Showbox app provides instant playback of its extensive array of movies. It is a well-known service that includes new content regularly. As put forward by its name, Popcorn Time happens to be effectual plus unique.

The notable thing is that it provides support for Linux, Android, and Showbox app service offered by this application is rather fast in terms of performance, and it is likewise possible to alter the settings quickly. Popcorn Time is going to allow the user to stream virtually any content.

It doesn’t have any rivals in terms of ShowBox replacements. So, in a nutshell, Popcorn Time happens to be a worthy app that provides things like Showbox.

Pros :

  • Uncluttered User Interface
  • Supports subtitles plus doubling
  • An extensive collection of movies plus TV shows
  • Supports several OS
  • Streams top-notch torrents only

Cons :

  • Can crash frequently
  • Few Glitches

PlayBox HD

This application is intended for Android plus iOS. Its look is almost identical to that of Showbox. PlayBox HD has several HD contents, which makes it better than other identical apps. There isn’t any need to be concerned about the standard of the content.

Moreover, PlayBox HD offers an easy-to-use interface. Nevertheless, the application is supported by almost every type of gadget. Moreover, it offers a better experience with a bigger display. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use PlayBox HD to stream your preferred TV shows for free.

Pros :

  • A wide range of TV shows&Movies
  • The user interface is uncluttered
  • Provide support for Chromecast
  • Streams the most recent TV shows plus movies for free

Cons :

  • Few Glitches
  • Cannot sync across gadgets
  • Broken links


Using this application won’t be much different from using Showbox. In fact, it will be OK for you if you appreciate ShowBox’s UI. CinemaBox works with iOS plus Android at present. CinemaBox, like Showbox, will enable the user to access an extensive library of movies without paying anything at all.

One notable thing regarding this app is its streaming quality. You can adjust the content quality as per the Internet speed. In this way, there is no requirement of pausing the video while viewing it.

Pros :

  • Can adjust stream quality
  • Kids Mode
  • Updates quite frequent
  • Cross-platform application

Cons :

  • Glitches
  • Plenty of ads

Pluto TV

This app is also available for free. You will be able to access TV shows, films, live broadcasts, & sports. There is top-quality playback&one can easily access it within the US. However, certain limitations are imposed on other users. It has got more than 250 TV channels that can be accessed for free. Pluto TV works with iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

Pros :

  • No signup is required
  • Provide support for live TV
  • It is obtainable for free

Cons :

  • Plenty of ads
  • Cluttered interface

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It became quite stressful for users once Showbox stopped its service. Moreover, plenty of time had been spent on getting replacements for Showbox. Hopefully, these 5 Showbox substitutes will allow the users to enjoy their favorite films and TV shows. But, don’t forget to use a VPN to protect your data and your online anonymity. 

So, that’s all from our side. We hope you are now enjoying your favorite movie or series with a box of popcorn. We regret for missing any names in this guide because it is impossible to mention all the alternative names in a single article. 

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