How to Share Mobile Screen on Windows 11

Windows 11 is one of the most awaited operating systems worldwide, finally going to release anywhere soon in October. However, Microsoft announced that Windows 11 would be available to all Windows 10 users free of cost later this year.

But, as we know, nowadays people prefer to do all their work on mobile instead of a computer. And this is taken by Mircosoft very seriously. So, yes, they have come up with a new feature using which you can share your mobile screen on your Windows 11 PC.

However, the sharing screen depends on your device because, in some devices, the steps are easy, but others may take some tricky steps to share the screen on your System. There are several ways to share the screen on the System as we have to modify some settings, and with the help of apps (there are lots of apps on Playstore or the internet), it is a matter of few clicks. So, let’s take a look at those setting where you need to click. 

How to Share Mobile Screen on Windows 11

Steps to Share Mobile Screen on Windows 11

Screen share is not a feature that we use regularly, but there may be many occasions where this feature is helpful to complete the task. However, in Windows 10 there you need to use a mirroring app, but it’s easier to connect with any device in the new version of Microsoft Windows 11. Also, there is no need to install any other cast app or cables to share the mobile screen.

The older version of the System may not work due to no hardware available to perform the task. However, you can install hardware or install third-party apps to share the mobile screen.

Share Android Mobile Screen on Windows 11

To share the Android mobile screen, Microsoft introduces officially Connect app on the previous Windows anniversary. The Connect App will let Android users cast their mobile screens. Here are the steps to cast a mobile screen on Windows 11. But before moving forward to the method, make sure that both devices (Mobile and PC or Laptop) are connected on the same WiFi network).

  1. Go to the Settings option for the System.
  2. Now head to the System from the available option.
  3. Scroll down below and click on Projecting to PC.
  4. Now on the next page, select Available Everywhere for the first option, and for the second select First Time Only.
  5. Leave blank in the third option.
  6. After that, go to the mobile screen, pull down the notification bar, and navigate and tap to enable the Screen Cast.
  7. The mobile will notify a pop-up screen for searching for the new device.
  8. Wait till you get an option of System name.
  9. Now, select the device and give permission if it asks to cast the mobile screen.
  10. Check your device now the mobile screen is sharing with Your Windows 11 Screen.

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Furthermore, if you want to connect any iOS device as a sharing screen on Windows 11, you have to install third-party apps. Apple is known for its privacy, and there is no inbuilt option like Android. Many free and paid apps can share mobile screens on iOS devices. That’ll be for sharing the mobile screen on Windows 11. If you have any queries regarding the steps or suggestions, move to the comment box and let us know. For more tech and gaming information, visit our website regularly.

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