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Sea of Thieves: How To Do The Tribute Seat Commendation

Do you love pirates? Do you love exploring too? What about playing with your friends? If so, then you should love Sea of Thieves! These are the reasons why Sea of Thieves is the best videogame ever.

Yes, it can take a while to grind and to become a pirate legend. But, that is what makes it worth in the end; hours and hours of grinding feels so good, and do not expect the game to have many friendly pirates. At some point in the game, you will get grieved, and you will be left with a heartbroken mess if you had a lot of treasure waiting to be turned in.

But, one thing where many players get confused is to complete the commendation as there are many. However, one of those commendations is tribute seat commendation. So, that’s why we are with a complete guide to help you guys do this. So, let’s get directly jump into it.

Sea of Thieves: How To Do The Tribute Seat Commendation

How To Do The Tribute Seat Commendation Sea of Thieves

As we have already stated that there are various commendations that you can complete. Well, you can complete all of them just by sleep and sitting your way through the Sea of Thieves is the Tribute Seat commendation.

But, to complete this, you have to take a seat upon the throne while you’re in the Shores of Gold tall tale. Therefore, if you really want to complete it, you must have to reach towards the Shores of Gold and get onto the mighty Gold Hoarder.

But, keep in mind that you will be only able to successfully complete the tribute seat commendation during the Shores of Gold Tall Tale. However, you’ll have to complete all the previous eight Tall Tales in the Shores of Gold Tall Tale series to reach this stage. 

So, once you have completed all the previous stages and start the Shores of Gold Tall Tale, you need to progress your way in the game through the Tall Tale until unless you reach the final room where the Gold Hoarder is.

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After that, simply solve all the four vault puzzles and hover to the belly of the tribute peak before reaching the Gold Hoarder. Now, whenever you meet Hoarder, you’ll be noticed that he is sitting on the throne. So, simply walk to the room and initiate the battle. Therefore, go straight towards his throne and either sit on it or defeat him.

But, to sit on the throne in peace, you need to defeat him. So, that’s it now; as soon as you complete this task, you will complete the tribute seat commendation. We hope you find this guide helpful.

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