Sea Of Thieves: How To Summon The Shrouded Ghost

To Summon Shrouded Ghost in Sea of Thieves is not easy! This is because the spawn rate of this meg is less than 1%. Therefore, you have to do some rituals to do so. But, it is going to be as easy as it sounds. So what are the needs, and how to do this? Don’t worry! You will get all your answers here in this guide. Therefore, you must mark your territory and follow our instructions to summon the Shrouded Ghost.

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Sea Of Thieves: How To Summon The Shrouded Ghost

How Often Does the Shrouded Ghost Spawn?

It is quite frustrating because to Shroud Ghost Spawn; you need to wait a lot as the spawn rate of this Megalodon is less than 1%. So, it is difficult to locate them in Sea of Thieves. But, don’t worry, as we have mentioned some best methods using which you can easily summon the Ghost spawn. 

Why Shrouded Ghost is The Hardest Megalodon in Sea of Thieves?

Aa a rare Megalodon that spawns extremely rarely and is hard to kill, the Shrouded Ghost is known as the rarest and most difficult Megalodon to kill. Unlike other Megalodons, it has a glowing orange end. However, Shrouded Ghost is the hardest Megalodon in Sea of Thieves due to its slow spawn rate. 

How To Summon The Shrouded Ghost?

To summon the Shrouded Ghost, firstly, you must prepare the Ritual Table by putting four Megalodon souls in it. Then, after you have set up the Ritual Table, you will need to play the same shed simultaneously with at least four other pirates. Shrouded Ghost only appears after you play simultaneously.

Step 1: Prepare and Perform the Ritual

Perform Ritual

The Ritual Table needs to be prepared by capturing the souls of the Hungering One, the Ancient Terror, the ShadowMaw, and the Crested Queen in order to invoke Belle’s Ritual and summon the Shrouded Ghost.

No matter which option you choose first, the souls can be collected in any order. However, for the sake of saving time, you should check the Ritual Table to ensure that another crew has not already collected the Megalodon soul you are pursuing.

It’s possible that some of the souls have already been collected by other pirates, as the Ritual is a server-wide goal. Therefore, you must continue your adventure by choosing a soul no other pirate has collected!

Step 2: Finish The Ritual

As said before, once all the four Meg souls appear on the Ritual table, the game indicates the Killer Whale by showing a green light in the sky above it.

However, when the green beacon appears, this means the Ritual Table is ready, and the Shrouded Ghost can be summoned now. Hopefully, a green beacon will draw other pirates if you don’t have five pirates present to play the summoning song.

Gather around the Ritual Table; once you have five pirates aboard, you ride the Killer Whale. Play the “Summon the Megalodon” song once everyone is gathered around the Ritual Table.

Killer Whale Ritual

The ritual table should be fully charged after you finish playing the song. You will complete the Ritual after all five pirates have played the song long enough to charge the Ritual Table, and you’ll meet the Shrouded Ghost!

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So, that’s how you can summon the Shrouded Ghost in Sea of Thieves. We hope that you are now able to summon the Ghost. But, in case you find any difficulty while performing the Ritual, comment below; our expert team will help you. Also, if you like this guide, make sure to read Fix: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Keeps Crashing Issue PS4, PS5, Xbox, Windows 11.


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