Several Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Units Already Catching Scratches, as Per Some User Reports

As we know, Samsung is one of the few brands which is known for its device’s built quality. However, recently, Samsung launched its 4th installment in the Smartwatch series, i.e., Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Also, it is the first time in a while any brand has focused on its own WearOS. Well, it’s not the same watch as the Watch 3 unit. It’s totally different and jointly developed by Samsung and Google.

Meanwhile, if you own an iPhone, then most probably it will not work with it. But, yeah! It will work with Android devices. The watch 4 unit comes with some really great features such as blood pressure or ECG measurements sensors.

Several Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Units Already Catching Scratches, as Per Some User Reports

Reports About Several Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Units Catching Scratches

Well, this smartwatch is nearly like a mobile phone in terms of its hardware as it is powered by Samsung’s own Exynos W920 chipset and 1.5GB of RAM. Also, a 16GB storage option is available, which means you can store your data on this watch.

Samsung did a tremendous job this time, but it looks like as they make hype about the built quality of this device is somehow becoming a reason for trolling. Recently, many users complained that they are very disappointed with the built quality of this series because the watch unit 4 has already started catching scratches. Well, this is a series issue.

For example, a user u/Luke3012 posted a picture of his watch, and in this picture, we clearly notice that there are a number of scratches appearing in the display section.

Not even a week… from GalaxyWatch

The same thing happened to u/adriasanchezig, as he said that he doesn’t know how this was done, but definitely, he is not responsible for the scratches. These things really disappoint us because the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 unit is one of few devices that everyone wants to get, but only a few of them are able to buy it spending their hard-earned money.

Not even a week and my Galaxy Watch 4 looks like this – I have no idea how this happened, I babysit my watch from GalaxyWatch

These are just a few examples; many users have already started facing various issues with this series. However, many users recommend multiple things to protect the watch, such as a screen protector or a watch case. Well, currently, Samsung hasn’t made any response regarding these issues. But, you have many options to get a new one, like if your watch still falls under the warranty period, then you can claim it. Although there are very few chances that they will make a replacement, what is going on gives it a shot.

Now, you can bookmark this page because we will keep this article updated regularly according to further reports. So, instead of searching again and again, you can save it on your browser. So, that’s all you need to know about this particular issue noticed in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series.


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