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Fix: Rocket League Sideswipe Controller Not Working

Rocket League Sideswipe brings soccer to your mobile devices. Well, in my opinion, it is one of the best Android and iOS conversions to date! In Rocket League Sideswipe, you can able to utilize your mobile device’s touchscreen to control your car.

However, I really find it relaxing while playing the Rocket League’s mobile version because that is easy, and one can play it for a long time without getting bored.

But, from the past couple of days, users have been reporting that they cannot use the Controller while playing the Rocket League Sideswipe controller is not working. However, there could be many aspects behind this error, but to know the reason and whether there is any fix, you must read the guide until the end.

Fix: Rocket League Sideswipe Controller Not Working

How To Fix Rocket League Sideswipe Controller Not Working

Many ways are there to play this game, such as Normal soccer, Hoops (Like normal soccer but the goals are higher and the field is smaller), Snow day (just soccer but with a hockey puck), spikes, and many more.

But, until the Controller starts working, these shots become very difficult to apply. Therefore, if you are also getting bothered because your Controller is also not working properly, you must follow the necessary steps that will help you fix this issue.

#1. Check Your In-Game Settings

You may have already known that there’s an option for the controller customization menu on RLS. So, it would be great if you check whether everything is synced perfectly. But, unfortunately, there isn’t any option available using which you can hard-reset the connection within the game.

#2. Check Compatible With The Game

Did you check if the Controller you are using is compatible with the game or not? As per the developer Psyonix Labs, the game will perfectly be worked with the Xbox and PlayStation along with all mobile compatible Bluetooth controllers.

Therefore, you have to make sure that the input device is first connected to your mobile device in which you are playing the Rocket League Sideswipe because, without this, you won’t be able to play the RLS using a controller.

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We regret if these two methods won’t work in your case, but if so, then there is a possibility that the problem is with not your Controller; it is the game itself. So, if that’s the case, this means you won’t be able to fix it as it will automatically get fixed in future updates. Therefore, to know the latest news about this, you can follow the developers on their official Twitter handle

So, that’s all from our side. We hope you find this article helpful. However, if you are also getting the same error and can fix this, then let us know in the comment section which method you are using. We will try to add that fix in our guide. 

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