How to Remove the Garlic Debuff in V Rising

Do you want to remove the Garlic Debuff in V Rising? Well, in a world full of Vampires. Where everyone hunts for strength and evades other vampire castles to ascertain dominance and form alliances to capture the land of the living. V Rising has become a fan-favorite game and seems to be loved by everyone. 

There is only one thing that stands between vampires and the people from the land of the living, and that is Garlic. Many farms and villages in Varodoran use Garlic to ward off vampires and keep them safe.

Garlic can be very bad for your vampire form. So, to keep yourself protected from harmful Garlic and capture the land of the living with ease, keep reading this detailed guide on how to remove the Garlic Debuff in V Rising.

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How to Remove the Garlic Debuff in V Rising

Garlic in V Rising

Like the harmful rays of The Sun, Garlic is also one of the strongest defenses against vampires. The strong scent of Garlic is one of the weaknesses of even the mightiest vampires. Once you are exposed to Garlic, you will receive an in-game alert, alerting you that you have been exposed and you are being affected by it.

What is Garlic DeBuff in V Rising?

Garlic DeBuff in V Rising

Garlic Debuff is the effect that impacts your resistance points. It has incredible power and potency to affect you. Higher Garlic Debuff Stacks will weaken you faster and increase your chances of getting harmed from long distances. The higher Garlic Debuff stacks get, the more Resistance Points you will lose. 

With every tick of the Garlic Debuff, you will lose 1% of your health, and your damaging dealing strength will reduce by 0.5%. It takes some time to wear off its effect, and you will regain one Resistance Point per every 20 seconds passed. 

It is wise to leave the area once you have taken a considerable amount of damage from Garlic Debuff.

How to Remove Garlic Debuff in V Rising?

Remove Garlic Debuff in V Rising

There are many items and consumables that can help increase vampires’ resistance to Garlic immensely and prevent the effects from impacting your vampire’s health and damage after being exposed to the Garlic. 

Items such as the Phantom Veil cloak, Garlic Resistance Potion, and Bear form can be consumed or equipped by fellow vampires to increase resistance against Garlic Debuff.

Phantom Veil Cloak

To craft the Phantom Veil cloak, vampires would have to acquire its blueprint from Foulrot the Soultaker, a Level 62 V Blood carrier boss who lives in the Cursed Forest. Use the blueprint to craft the Phantom Veil cloak and increase your Garlic Resistance Rating by +15.

Garlic Resistance Potion

To obtain Garlic Resistance Potion, vampires would have to defeat Clive, the Firestarter who lives in the Farbane Woods. After drinking the portion, your Garlic Resistance will increase from 30 to 1200 seconds.

Bear Form

Bear Form is a vampire power that players can choose. After equipping Bear Form, Garlic Resistance will increase by +25, and health will also regenerate a lot faster when using this power.

Minor Garlic Resistance Brew

Consumable such as Minor Garlic Resistance Brew, can be used to increase Garlic Resistance from 25 to 1200 seconds. Minor Garlic Resistance Brew can be obtained after defeating Polora.

So, that’s all on how to remove the Garlic Debuff in V Rising. We hope that this guide has helped you. However, in case you have any doubts, make sure to comment below and let us know. Also, make sure to check out, How to Get Creative Mode in V Rising.


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