How To Recover a Disabled Facebook Account

If you get a message from Facebook while trying to login into your account that “Your account has been disabled.” Then, most probably, you reach your destination as today here we explain how to recover a disabled Facebook account. Normally, there might be various reasons why Facebook blocks or disabled your account. But, the most practical reason is that you might have violated any of their terms of use conditions. Now, for what period they disable your account totally depends upon the severity of the issue.

However, depending upon the severity of the issue, it is decided that whether your account is temporarily or permanently disabled. Of course, you can remove the suspension for a temporarily disabled account, but perhaps for a permanently disabled account, it is not going to be an easy task. So, how can you recover a disabled Facebook account? No idea? Don’t worry! We have a complete walkthrough to help you to recover your disabled Facebook account.

Recover a Disabled Facebook Account

How To Recover a Disabled Facebook Account?

As we know, Facebook has all the rights to disable any account that does not follow its terms and condition without any prior notice or warning. The time was gone when other tech ventures criticize Facebook due to its poor security. But, now, over the years, Facebook did a lot of hard work and dedication to strengthen its security. So, now without moving the things around, let’s directly heading towards the guide. But, first, let check out the usual reasons behind this action.

Reasons Why Facebook Disable Your Account

Disabled message of Facebook

It is obvious that Facebook won’t disable your account without any reason. However, since it’s a private standalone US-based company, so they always might not accurately explain to you why they disable your account. But, in my view, it might be because of the bulk report, spamming friend requests, unnecessary group spam, comments, etc.

Now, these are some official reasons for this action:

  1. Post that violates Facebook’s terms of use conditions.
  2. Creating an account using a fake name.
  3. Defame someone.
  4. Even after warning continues to violate their terms.
  5. Harassing someone or irrelevant promotion/ advertisement.
  6. Bulk report for your account.
  7. Send too many friend requests.
  8. Unnecessarily involve in suspicious groups and comments.

How To Recover Your Account

Generally, Facebook disables your account on a temporary basis unless you are a threat to the sovereignty of their terms and conditions. Yes, a permanent ban is imposed only in a few cases when there is any severe violation is done. Meanwhile, if you are getting a permanent ban on your account, it is impossible to get it back unless you get official help from Facebook. I suggest you forget about your account if that account gets a permanent ban.

Additionally, there isn’t any direct method that you can use to recover your temporarily disable account except appealing to Facebook officials to lift the ban from your account. But, depending upon your conversation, you may get back your temporarily banned account without waiting for the ending of the ban period. Now, let’s take a look n how you will get your account back:


  1. While trying to log in, if you get a message that says disabled, then visit the account review form section on Facebook and execute an appeal to the support team.
  2. First of all, you need to use your email address or contact number to recover.
  3. Then, use the full name that you have used in that account.
  4. After that, you just have to upload your valid ID proof that validated your identity and existence.
  5. Now, in some exceptions, you will get an option to add additional information. So, that in that section, the owner of the disabled account needs to fill how Facebook is wrong with their decision to disabling your account. Also, don’t forget to mention why they allow you to use that account by lifting the ban.

That’s it. Now, it all depends upon your luck whether Facebook officials allow you and enable you to recover your account or not. But, keep in mind, don’t use unprofessional language. Use a tone that sounds professional, as this will be your plus point evidence that you are serious about the issue.

What Type of IDs Can You Submit?

Now, let’s talk about which type of IDs you can submit to get back your account successfully. Well, there is not a particular mention on Facebook’s official terms about what IDs a user can use. Hence, you can use any valid government ID and proof of your authenticity. Here are some examples of IDs that you can use to recover your Facebook account:

  1. You can use your Birth Certificate, Vehicle insurance.
  2. Any personal insurance, Marriage certificate.
  3. Your Voter ID card.
  4. If you are a Green Cardholder, you can use it.
  5. You address proof or immigration letter.
  6. Any type of ID that your government issues.

Sometimes, there is no option for these types of IDs by Facebook in most parts of the world. In that case, you can use these ID proofs as your secondary option as follows:

  1. Your Credit Card
  2. Use your School ID card
  3. If you are using a government bus for your daily routine traveling, then you can use your Bus Card.
  4. Electricity bills, or any type of bill in which your identity is mentioned.
  5. You can also use your Library card.

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Key Outlooks

Now, if you did everything right, then most probably Facebook may revert back your account within 4-5 working days or inform you what they have decided. For different cases, their decision might change, and there is no surety that your account gets re-activated. If you have provided proper identity proof, then you need not worry as you will surely get back your account. But, also don’t forget that Facebook decides whether or not to revert back your account after all.

So, that’s it for how to recover your disabled Facebook account. We hope you successfully get back your account. Further, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any type of help from us concerning your account recovery. I’m signing off for now, and we will catch you in the next one. Meanwhile, if you still not visited our website Clancarousel, then what are you waiting for? Go and check it as there are a lot more items waiting for you.


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