How to Prevent Android Apps From Sending and Receiving Data in Background

Data privacy is a fundamental need for everyone nowadays. However, without a data privacy system, our personal life should be no more personal anymore. In the current scenario, we must have to take care of our mobile data because some apps continuously accessed the mobile data for sync or data transfer to their server. In this era, we are addicted to our smartphones, as we are using to do most of our work. But, did you know how to prevent android apps from transferring data? Use the comment box and tell us.

Meanwhile, many organizations report that, on average, there is a minimum of 40 apps installed on every single user of the smartphone. Most apps like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Flipkart, Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon access our data by asking permission. So, it’s our choice to give them permission to access our phone’s data or not. 

But still, some apps steal our data relics and share them with third-party services providers in order to show us priority ads. So, is there any method available using which we can prevent android apps from sending and receiving data in the background? Of course, there are methods available that you can use to deny this access. So, don’t worry about that, you just read the guide. Here are all the necessary steps to stop the apps from using your data in the background on Android devices.

How to Prevent Android Apps From Sending and Receiving Data in Background

Prevent Android Apps From Sending and Receiving Data in Background

To stop Android apps from sending or receiving data in the background, we have to disable it manually. By this process, your device saves your data and protects the battery from drain faster. Furthermore, The main concern is to disable it for privacy concerns because nowadays, data in digital space isn’t safe at all. So, it is our responsibility to secure it from being misused. You can disable the app data transferring from the apps setting of that particular app that you want to stop transferring data in the background.

After disabling the data for background use, the app won’t access your data once you close the app. The apps cannot send and receive any data transfer or any information to a third party or server. For example, if you search for any product on the web, the amazon app has access to background data. The Amazon app automatically sends the information to the server and gives you sale and price information of the same product on the notification. Hence, after you disabling it, the data transferring will get stopped.

How to Prevent 

It is one of the crucial tasks to stop the data use once we close the app. We hear the news of data leaks from many famous brands that the data compromise from their side. However, in some ways, we are also responsible for this type of issue. In that context, if you don’t know how to prevent android apps from sending data, then here are the fixes to stop the background data flow.

Disable App Data Uses in Android 11

We are waiting for Android 12 to be released as it is in beta testing mode, so if we consider then, it takes around 2 to 3 months to release the stable version. But, if you just upgraded to the Android 12 beta version, then the steps we mentioned below might not work for you. So, follow the below instruction to prevent android apps from sending data only if your device is running on Android 11 or a lower version.

  • Open Settings of the device.
  • Then navigate to the Apps and Notification.
  • Next, tap on See All Apps that enable the complete list of the installed app on the mobile.
  • After that, select the app that you want to restrict to use the data in the background.
  • Now in the chosen app, tap on the Mobile Data and WIFI.
  • Turn off the option by the toggle switch.
  • Repeat the process for every app that you want to restrict to use the data.

Disable App Data Uses in Android 10

Apart from Android 11, many old devices are running on Android 10. However, we have a fix for the data instruction for that also. 

  • Long tap on the app that you want to stop for being using the data.
  • Then tap on the App info from the bottom of the pop-up list.
  • After that, open the Mobile Data and WiFi from the App info.
  • Then navigate to the Background Data option as it is enabled by default.
  • Now tap on the toggle switch to disable it.
  • Repeat the process for all the app that you want to stop to use the data in the background.

As you observe, Android 11 and 10 are almost the same, but by following these steps, you save your data from being accessed by the app in the background.

Set a Data Access Limit and Warning

Many users may have already been familiar with this and use data limit warnings regularly. However, it is helpful for those who are using their mobile network’s Internet. It helps them to monitor their data limit. Also, you may track the actual data consumption. Moreover, you also set a limit so that the installed apps cannot use the data.

  • Open Settings and navigate to the network and Internet.
  • After that, open Data usage and tap on Data Warning and Limit.
  • Now Toggle to set the data limit.
  • Next, in Data Limit, set the value as per your data availability.
  • Turn on the Data Warning from the toggle switch.
  • Next, open the Data Warning and enter the value that you want to restrict the data.

Once you turn on the Data limit and warning, the mobile data will automatically turn off and stop the apps from using your data in the background.

Entirely Restrict An Android App From Using Mobile Data and WiFi

This feature is only for Android 11 users as it completely restricts the android app from using mobile data and WiFi. As you know, the how-to go to App info from the above fixes any app. After that, navigate to the Background Data option. Now you will get to see two options Disable Data Usage and Disable WiFi. You have to turn on both options, and then the app will not access any data from your device.

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Final Words

Not every app is installed on our devices, regularly utilizing by us, but that doesn’t mean that they will not use your data even if we don’t use the app. So, that’s all we have for you to resolve the data accessing issue. By the process mentioned above, you can easily restrict the app from using your data. Moreover, for all Andriod 11 users, a bonus tip is to disable the data accessing to use mobile data and WiFi. Do share your valuable feedback and questions regarding the issue, and for more information, visit our website and share with your friends too.


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