Pokemon Unite Gardevoir Moveset, Attacks, Builds, And Stats

Today, together, we will dive deeper into the world of Pokemon Unite and talk about the newest Pokemon that is recently added to the game, Gardevoir. Gardevoir is a range attacker-type Pokemon that basically takes on the mage role and can deal some serious damage. So, in this article, I’m going to show you guys a bit of Gardevoir, how to get Gardevoir, what items and moves I would recommend on Gardevoir.

So taking a look at Gardevoir, then we can see a handful of different things. Don’t worry! We can discuss this further in this article. Therefore, without wasting more time, let’s get started with the guide and check out what are the best Moveset, Attacks, Builds, and Stats for Gardevoir in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir Moveset, Attacks, Builds, and Stats

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir: Best Moveset, Attacks, Builds, and Stats

There’s a lot of settings that are different from the default and can make all the difference in gameplay! So here we are showcasing the best settings for Pokemon Unite to get the most out of your gameplay! Some of these changes are massive and make all the difference! 

What Are The Best Gardevoir Stats?

Evolution of Gardevoir

Gardevoir evolves from Ralts. After that, it evolves, and Ralts turns into Kirlia at level six. Then, slowly and steadily, it turns into Gardevoir at level 10. Anyway, here are some of its best stats:

  • Scoring: 3.0
  • Support: 1.5
  • Offense: 4.5
  • Endurance: 1.5
  • Mobility: 1.5

Best Moveset and Attacks For Gardevoir

If you are looking for the best move set and attacks for Gardevoir, then here are some of the best move sets and attacks that will help you conquer the Pokemon Unite world:

Gardevoir Moveset Stats


  • Easy and simple directional ranged attack.
  • It needs only 4.5-second to cool down.
  • Needs only 7-second to cool down.
  • Level 8
  • When Gardevoir traveling its max distance or even hitting any enemy, then this move set will damage and slow down the opponent Pokemon’s which falls under its area of effect.
  • Needs only  7-second to cooldown.
  • Level 8
  • This move set will allow you to attack forward even if you are moving backward. It will also temporarily stunned the pokemon that you caught in a cone effect.


  • Needs only 11-second to cooldown.
  • Level 1-3.
  • This helps you to teleport to another or targeted location and escalate the next attack damage.
  • Take around an 11-second cooldown.
  • Level 6.
  • It will attack three times, also trafficking the damaged areas.
Future Sight
  • Needs only a 10-second cooldown.
  • Level 6.
  • After a short delay, it causes an explosion. Also, while hitting an enemy Pokemon it reduces Future Sight cooldown.


Fairy Singularity
  • It has a percent-based cooldown.
  • Level 9
  • It builds a dimensional rift that induces in opponents Pokemon.
  • Also, whenever this rift leaves, it hit hard to an opponent and proceeds some damages.

Pokemon Unite Best Gardevoir Builds 

As we already stated that this is an attack-type Pokemon. So, it is better to use items that burnish raw damage. Also, the best build depends upon your gameplay. For example, if you are the leader of your team and it is your responsibility to score more, then we suggest you go with Sp. Atk Specs and Attack Weight, else you can use any build that you want.

So, these are some of the best Moveset, Attacks, Builds, and Stats for Gardevoir in Pokemon Unite. We hope you now have an idea about this. However, if you still have any doubts regarding Gardevoir, let us know in the comment section if you play Roblox and want to get a refund of the money you accidentally sent. Then, check out our latest guide, Is Roblox Adding Refund System?

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