How to Play YouTube in the Background on an iPhone in 2021

I think everyone is familiar with YouTube premium. YouTube premium allows you to enjoy your content without stuck on the annoying ads runs by Google. Well, this feature is not limited to that only, as you’ll also get the feature of background play using the YouTube premium subscription.

However, if you are an iPhone user, I have a trick for you using which you can play the YouTube videos or music in the background even after your iPhone is locked. So, did you know how to play a YouTube video in the background instead of actually through the app? When you use the app as you know yourself, you can play the video using the app itself. Whenever you close the app, YouTube stops working on the iPhone. So, don’t worry! If you don’t know as this guide will help you do so. Now, I’m not going to waste more time here and directly jump into the guide.

Is There Any Way to Play YouTube in the background on an iPhone in 2021

Is There Any Way to Play YouTube in the background on an iPhone in 2021

If you wish to play YouTube videos in the background or like YouTube music in the background. But, still not familiar with this trick that is available on your Apple device. Then, be patient and read the guide all the way till the end to know the handy process to play YouTube content in the background on an iPhone in 2021.


  • First of all, for this newest trick, you need to take help from the Safari browser. So, please open it and hover to the YouTube. But, here is the tweak if you did this on your iPhone’s Safari browser. It will automatically redirect you towards your YouTube application. So, to avoid this, you need first to uninstall it.
  • Now, once you uninstalled it successfully, simply open it on your Safari browser and search for the video that you want to run on your background so that you can enjoy it even after your screen is off.
  • After that, once you find what you want to play, locate the aA button located at the top-left corner of your Safari browser screen in front of your address bar, or we say link.
  • Then, a drop-down context menu will appear. Simply choose the Request Desktop Website option.
  • Now, your action will take place, and the page will reload automatically. This will open a video player similar to the YouTube website that you generally see on the desktop.
  • That’s it. Now, play your video again, and you’ll see it starts playing in fullscreen (keep in mind that sometimes when you hit the Request Desktop Website button, it will redirect you to YouTube’s home page. So, you need to press the back button in that case to enjoy the desktop version of YouTube).
  • However, this is not done yet because it will automatically stop playing your video or audio whenever you close the Safari browser. So, in order to play it even after closing the browser, you need to hover to the control panel.
  • Now, hover to your iPhone’s Control Center (swiping up from the screen’s bottom edge or swiping down from the top edge will open the Control Center depending upon your model).
  • Inside your control centre, you’ll notice that a multimedia player will be there, which shows that the video is still playing. So, you need to hit the Play button.

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Author’s Words

There it is, now, your music starts playing in the background even if you’d not opened your Safari browser. However, you can now able to play your music after locking your iPhone’s screen from YouTube using the Safari browser even after you do not have the premium subscription. I suggest that if you are playing songs, then please select a jukebox for that. If you listen to any individual music. Then, you require to open your Safari browser again and again to choose each video.

Although this is a great trick to use the YouTube premium features for free on your iPhone, I recommend you get a YouTube premium subscription as this is the legal and handy way. So, that’s all we get on the mentioned topic for you today. But, we hope you like this guide and get something useful from it. Meanwhile, if you find this guide helpful, use our comment box and give us your valuable feedback. Also, don’t forget to check out ClanCarousel regularly for more content.

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