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Fix: Now TV Not Working or Crashing on PS5, PS4

Now TV packages are a cost-effective and flexible way to watch premium TV content like entertainment, cinema, and sports. The Now TV stick means you can watch it all on your big TV with a separate remote. It’s really popular because Now TV carries things like sky entertainment channels, sky cinema and of course sky sports as well and one of the ways you can actually connect up to your Big TV is Now TV stick.

It plugs into the back of your TV and uses your WiFi internet connection in order to stream programs onto your TV. But, it is not like free from bugs, as there many that can bother you from time to time. Talking about the recent case, many users grieve that they have spent buying the premium subscription of Now TV, but it is not working or crashing on their PS5 or PS4.

Although many websites are there, they tell you the fixing procedure if the Now TV is not working or crashing on your PS5 or PS5. But, still, if you want, then make your mark take our lead to fix this issue.

Fix: Now TV Not Working or Crashing on PS5, PS4

How To Fix Now TV Not Working or Crashing on PS5, PS4

You can get many websites available on Google explaining about different fixes to resolve this error. However, if frankly speaking, there is still no such fix available that helps you fix this issue permanently. But, we have here mentioned some basic fixes that may help you fix it temporarily. So, let’s take a look at them.

Fix 1: Reboot Your PlayStation

It might be possible that due to some random glitches, then PlayStation is not able to run the Now TV properly. Therefore, by rebooting your PS4 or PS5, these glitches get removed. So, we recommend you reboot your PS4 and PS5 devices and then check if it helps to resolve the crashing issue of Now TV or not. 

Fix 2: Switch To Wired Connection

A poor internet connection may also be the reason behind this kind of error. As possibilities are there, your WiFi connection may not give you proper speed; therefore, power cycling your router and modem may fix the network issue.

But, if the issue won’t get fixed, then if possible, try using an ethernet cable for continuing good internet speed. After that, try running the Now TV on your PS4 or PS5; you’ll see that not working, or the crashing issues get resolved automatically. 

Fix 3: Reinstall The Application

However, if the above two methods won’t work for you at all, then there are chances that some important files are missing for Now TV on your device. So, it becomes nearly impossible to fix it unless you reinstall the application. So, in case if you don’t know how to reinstall the Now TV application on your PlayStation, follow the steps mentioned below: 

Step 1: Uninstall The Existing App

  • Firstly, hover to the main menu of the PlayStation and navigate to the TV/Video and locate the NOW app.
  • After that, using your DualShock controller, press Options and select the Delete button.

Step 2: Clear The Application Data

  • Once you uninstall the app, hover to the Settings > System Storage Management.
  • After that, select the Application Saved Data and tap on the Saved Data from System Storage.
  • Then, navigate to the NOW and press the DualShock controller Options button. Then, hit the Delete option.

Step 3: Reinstall The Now TV

  • Initially, navigate to the main menu of the PlayStation and hover to the TV/Video. Then, locate and select the NOW app.
  • After that, reinstall it by pressing the X button on your controller.

Sum Up

So, that’s all we have for you on how to fix Now TV is not working or crashing on PS5, PS4. We hope this guide has helped you. Moreover, if you have any queries on your mind, comment below. Also, if you recently updated your Windows 10 PC to Windows 11, and find that the Xbox app doesn’t install any application, then check out the link, here we have explained everything regarding fixing this issue. 

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