How to Fix Nintendo Switch Not Taking Screenshots

Screenshotting is a really cool feature that Nintendo offers in their handheld consoles because you can literally take any moment of gameplay. However, not only that, but you what, you can share it to your social media sites or emails or any account that is linked to your Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has always been my personal favorite cause it allows you to play anywhere you want, just like your smartphone. Currently, I’m pretty disappointed with Nintendo.

Basically, I’ve analyst issues with my Nintendo Switch as it won’t allow me to take screenshots. This thing really disappoints me cause I’m the one who likes to show off my gaming skills among my colleagues. However, after struggling with this, I finally found some practical solutions to fix this upheaval error.

So, I’ve decided to why not share the fixes with guys as most probably I’m not the only one who bothered with this error. So, now, let’s jump more profound into the guide. And check out the possible solution to fix if you also find that your Nintendo Switch is not taking screenshots.

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Not Taking Screenshots

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Not Taking Screenshots

Suppose you are getting an error message while taking screenshots that says unable to take a capture now. Then, my friend, you’re search is over now as this guide focuses on the same. So, bid farewell to your problems, and let’s directly move towards the main highlights of the topic.

Fix 1: Try The Classic Method

Before we hover to the simple fixes, first, you make sure that you follow the correct steps to take screenshots. It may be probable that you are performing or pressing the wrong buttons. So, here are the proper steps to take a screenshot on your Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo Switch:

  1. Locate the capture button on the left side of the joystick. It will be looking like a square button found below the directional button.
  2. Now, run any game that you want to take a screenshot and for a single screenshot, press the button one time. While in order to take multiple screenshots, press the button multiple times.

Nintendo Switch Lite: 

  1. Locate the capture button on the left side of your joystick. It will be looking like a square button found below the +Control Pad.
  2. Now, to take a screenshot, press the button one time quickly. In contrast, pressing it multiple times to take multiple screenshots at a time.

Fix 2: Restart Your Console

Yes, you can try restarting your Nintendo Switch to make sure if there is any temporary cache file causing the error. However, not just that, but it also gives your device a fresh start, and if there is any other issue present in your device, it gets resolved automatically.

Fix 3: Follow the Steps

  1. First of all, you need to un-dock your Nintendo Switch and connect the Joy-Con controller.
  2. After that, press the Capture Button located on the left side of the Joy-Con controller while you are in the Home menu.
  3. Now, if you are getting a message that says free up space to capture or something like that, then you can download an Archive download software on your Nintendo Switch and use an SD card to save your screenshots instead of System Memory.
  4. So, now again, try taking screenshots and check if now you are able to do that or not.

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Fix 4: Some Additional Fixes

  • If you find that Nintendo Switch is not taking screenshots in some particular application, then it may be possible that the application has a compatibility issue.
  • However, if that’s not the case, then it may be possible that the problem is in your Joy-Con controller. Then, if possible, try using a different controller to make sure if your controller has any issues. However, if you find that you can take screenshots with your second controller, it means it’s time to take your original one to the repair shop. You can directly go to Nintendo Repair and book your slot.
  • If nothing helps you fix the Nintendo Switch, not taking screenshot issue, then, except Resetting your Nintendo Switch, you have no other choice. Follow the path to do so, System Settings< System< Formatting Options< Initialize Console< Next< Next< Initialize button. That’s it. After that, wait until it gets reset completely. 

So, that’s how you can quickly fix it if your Nintendo Switch is not taking screenshots. I hope this guide helped you. However, it would be appreciated if you drop a comment as feedback. 

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