Fix: Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to TV

Nintendo Switch is known for its hybrid video gaming console for a reason. And the reason is that while working as a portable system, it can connect to a TV. Isn’t it amazing? Certainly, it is. However, some users find it challenging to connect Nintendo Switch to a TV. Of course, it is not easy as plugging a single cable. But, it is not rocket science at all. This article explains some simple methods to fix Nintendo Switch not connecting to the TV problem. So, you just need to read the article carefully and apply the steps we mentioned further in this article. Now, not wasting more time, let’s get started with the guide and see how to connect Nintendo Switch to a TV.

Fix Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to TV

How To Fix Nintendo Switch Not Connecting to TV?

Well, there are some obvious reasons why Nintendo Switch is not connecting to your TV. And with the help of these reasons, we have gathered the possible fixes. But, before directly heading towards workarounds, let’s try to understand the following reasons behind this problem:

  • The most common problem involves the wrong order of plugging cables into the Nintendo Switch dock.
  • Other possible reasons may be the use of the incorrect TV input, cords, or switch itself.

So, as you know now, the causes behind a poor connection or blank screen are simple. Thus, to fix Nintendo Switch not connecting to TV problem, you can follow the following easy and simple fixes:

Fix 1: Ensure Using the Right Cables

The Nintendo Switch gets connected to your TV through the Switch Dock. And the dock itself uses two cables: The Switch AC Adapter (USB-C) and a standard HDM1 type 1.4b cable. So when you purchased Nintendo Switch, both of these come packed in with it.

Note: Try not to use off-brand cables. Third-party power cables and docks cause breaks in Switch thus, proved to be a total disaster. So, we suggest you use only official Nintendo cables and ports.

Fix 2: Plug the Cables in Correct Order

Possibly, you may have connected the cables in the incorrect order. And you must be thinking that is why your Switch is not linking to TV. However, there is a fixed process that you need to follow while plugging the cables. So, here’s the correct order to connect the cords.

  • First of all, remove the Nintendo Switch from its dock
  • Now, using the port labeled AC Adapter, you have to plug the USB-C side of the Switch AC Adapter into the dock
  • The next step is to connect the other side of the AC adapter into a wall outlet
  • Now, you have to plug one end of the HDM1 cable into the dock part labeled as HDM1 Out
  • Finally, you have to connect the other end of the HDM1 cord to the TV.

Now, you can put back the Switch into the dock. So, what are you waiting for, guys? First, connect all the cables in exact order. If still not connecting, then try other fixes given below.

Fix 3: Set TV to the Correct Input

The main cause for the blank screen is to keep forgetting the last step in the above-given process. To see the Switch’s video output on the TV screen, you must ensure that the TV input is all set to the correct HDM1 input. Yeah, it may seem stupid but, it’s a very habitual mistake. So, you have to double-check that whether the TV input setting matches the HDM1 port or not. As long as the system has docked, it will display output on your TV screen.

Fix 4: Power Cycle the Devices

Power cycling both the Switch console and TV helps in solving lots of errors. To power cycle, you have to turn off your Nintendo Switch and TV. Then disconnect all the cables, remove the Power Adapter. After this, you have to wait for at least 2 minutes. Now, connect all the cords back in the correct order and Turn on the Switch and TV.

Some Points To Remember

Well, it’s nothing that all of you don’t know. But still, always keep in mind that the Nintendo Switch Lite cannot connect to your TV. Lite is not a hybrid console and is entirely a portable console.

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Wrapping Up

So, in a nutshell, you have to connect the correct cords in the exact order to enjoy the Nintendo Switch on your TV. Also, as already told, third-party cables and docks not be used. So, you must have to keep it in mind while connecting your Nintendo Switch to your smart TV.

So, that’s all you require to know about how to connect Nintendo Switch to a TV. Hopefully, this article helped to understand the several technical aspects behind this connection error. But, if the issue is still occurring, then you can contact Nintendo Support. You can also let us know if you have any other reason or option to make the connection between Nintendo Switch and your smart TV. Meanwhile, if you still don’t check out our other latest guides, visit to check them out.

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