How To Fix Knockout City Bank Not Working Bug

You must be familiar with the Knockout City video game. It is basically an action multiplayer video game whose gameplay rules resemble dodgeball. However, after many years EA develops a game that is really attracting players with its remarkable mechanics. Unfortunately, although the game has received positive reviews from its players and critics, players still constantly face errors and bugs. And the recent one is Knockout City Bank not working bug.

This bug is also known as Brawl Shop Bug. Many players are recently facing this problem. And after brainstorming with this, we have found some solutions to this error. Meanwhile, we discuss that solution in this. So, I’m not going to moving things around and directly bring you into the article to know how to fix Knockout City Bank Not working bug.

How To Fix Knockout City Bank Not Working Bug

Fix: Knockout City Bank Not Working Bug

Basically, Knockout City Bank offers an in-game Brawl shop where players can buy cosmetics. However, whenever players try to access the Bank tab, they encounter issues. Moreover, they are not able to browse all items and even sent them back to the previous screen. Players also receive an error message “Unable To Connect. Unable to connect to the EA servers. Go and check your internet connection and try again.”

But here’s some piece of good news, guys! Developers are aware of this bug, and they are working on it. So anyway, let’s head back to our main topic. To fix the Knockout City bank not working bug, you can follow the following easy steps:

Step #1: Follow @knockoutcity

As already told, developers are working on the bug. They have tweeted on @knockoutcity official Twitter handle that they’re aware of Knockout City Bank not working bug. Moreover, we can expect a permanent fix soon. Until then, you can follow @knockoutcity as a developer will constantly provide an update here. You must check the handling from time to time, and for notifications, the following will be best.

Step #2: Visit Other Gaming Consoles Store

This is the next step. Until any fix is available, all the affected players can visit Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, and Nintendo eShop to buy cosmetic items. All the items and options will be available to you on all these gaming console stores. Or you can directly click and buy your favorite cosmetic item in no time.

Step #3: Access the System Storefront

Many players are reporting that they face “unable to connect” error notifications on their gaming consoles. This simply means that not only PC users but PlayStation and Nintendo Switch users are not able to access the cosmetics items. However, fortunately, you can access the system storefront. This could be a direct fix to this bug.

Step #4: Check the Internet Connection

Still unable to connect? As the error message suggests to check the internet connection. That is why you must check your internet connection. Meanwhile, you can make sure you have a stable and high-speed network. You can also use the Speed Test app to check the speed of your internet. If, anyhow, your internet connection is slow, make sure to change it with a good internet connection.

Step #5: Update Knockout City

As already mentioned, developers might come up with the fix soon. That is why you should make sure to update Knockout City. With updating, developers will fix the patch and Knockout City Bank not working bug. So, whenever an update is available, never ignore that and update the game as soon as possible.

Step #6: Try Again

This is the last step you can try. We do not consider this as a fix but a remedy that you can use. It might be possible that you will connect to EA servers and buy cosmetic items after a few tries. If this works for you, then perfect, but if not, then, unfortunately, you have to wait till developers come up with a fix.


You can claim the Knockout City EA Play Rewards and can get 10% off on all Bank Purchases. Moreover, all players will find out an exclusive epic outfit and additional seasonal cosmetics as well. So, what are you waiting for, guys? Grab your opportunity by following the steps given above to fix the Knockout Play bank not working bug.

So, that’s all for today, guys. We hope that this guide helped you. However, if you still encounter such issues, you can comment below in the box. Also, don’t forget to give us your constructive suggestions. You can visit our website regularly for more such content.

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