Fortnite | How to Jump From Springboard, And Where to Find Them?

In this week’s Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Weekly Challenges, players can earn up to 15,000 XP by doing the Springboard Challenge. By competing in Fortnite Battlepass Challenges, players can get a lot of XP and earn exciting rewards by completing the task.

For the Springboard Challenge, you need to know the location of the diving board, how to find it, how to jump off it, and what else you need to do to complete the challenge and get your 15000 XP. It is an easy challenge, but finding the springboards can get a bit difficult. Let’s check out how to jump from Springboard and where to find them.

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Fortnite | How to Jump From Springboard, And Where to Find Them?

What is Springboard Challenge?

For Springboard Challenge, players have to find a Springboard on the map and jump off it three times in the water next to them to complete the challenge.

What is Springboard?

What is Springboard?

A springboard is similar to a Launchpad that is used to launch in the air and glide away in the distance. However, Springboard does not launch players very high in the air, just a couple of meters, and players don’t need to use their gliders to prevent fall damage. Fortnite Springboard is like the Springboard used in Gymnastics.

Where to Find Springboard?

Anyone would find Springboards at high altitude regions like tall buildings, mountains, etc. Near a water body for the player to drop in the water. There are many places around the map where you can find a Springboard and complete your Springboard challenge. There is a total of five Springboards on the map, so finding them is easy.

#1. Condo Canyon

Open up the map and zoom Condo Canyon region. Now, you will find a small island on the left of Condo Canyon with a circle sort of region in the center.

How to Find Springboard Near Condo Canyon?

To find Springboard near Condo Canyon, place a pointer near the tip of the island that is facing North-East and travel to that region. Once you have reached the place, look for a mountain in the shape of a tower with no way to reach its top. 

Make sure you are in building mode if you want to complete this challenge. You would need to place a few stairs, so you can reach the top of the mountain. After making your way to the top, face towards the river, and you will find your Springboard #1. 

Word of caution, don’t fall on the ground when jumping off the Springboard because you will take fall damage. 

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#2. Tilted Towers

Open up your map and zoom Tilted Towers region. Looking at the map, you will find a very small island to the North of the Tilted Towers, along with a bunch of other buildings near the coastlines.

How to Find Springboard Near Tilted Towers?

Place a pointer a little bit to the right of the small island and travel to the region. Once you have reached the destination, you will find various boats, buildings, and launchpads. You will find Springboard #2 on top of many rooftops of buildings in that area. 

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How to Jump from Springboard?

After finding the Springboard, Jumping off them is the easy part. Just walk near the Springboard and jump on it to get bounced in the air. Make sure you don’t fall off the board after only one jump because that would not count. Jump a second time on the board and fall in the water next to you. 

So, that’s all on how to jump from Springboard and where to find them in Fortnite. We hope that this guide has helped you. Meanwhile, for more detail, comment below. Also, make sure to read, Fix: Trek to Yomi Keeps Crashing on Windows 11 PC.


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