How To Fix If iPhone Gets Frozen After The Recent iOS Update

As the title suggests, you may get an idea of what we are going to explain to you today, right? It doesn’t happen frequently, but sometimes your iPhone may get hanged. The display of your iOS device becomes frozen and unresponsive to touch or press any buttons.

This may happen with the display off, on, or within your iPhone’s Apple logo. No matter what situation it is, the methods we explain in this article will help you. 

How To Fix If iPhone Gets Frozen After The Recent iOS Update

How To Fix If iPhone Gets Frozen After The Recent iOS Update

Ever get stuck on the Apple logo or randomly frozen after the recent update on your iPhone? Well, if so, then follow the methods given below in order to fix it. 

Method 1: Force Reboot Your iPhone

The method mentioned below may change depending upon your iPhone model and generation. However, the given method will work on iPhone X and later versions. So, here are the steps: 

  • On your iOS device, press the volume up button and quickly release it.
  • Then, press the volume down button on your iPhone and quickly release it.
  • After that, hold and press the side button. However, when the Apple logo appears on your iPhone, you can simply release the button.

Method 2: Charge Your iPhone

Did you check if your iPhone is fully charged or not? If you are not sure if your device charged, plug in your charger and charge your iPhone. After that, if nothing is changed and you are still stuck with a frozen screen, hover over to the next fix. 

Method 3: Reinstall iOS on Your iPhone

Suppose nothing is helping you to fix the issue. Then, we recommend you reinstall the iOS on your iPhone. It is recommended because sometimes while updating, it might be possible that your iOS may not be installed properly or a few files are missing due to some technical issue.

So, in that case, reinstalling is the best option as it will resolve each issue present on your iPhone. But, yeah! Don’t forget to take a backup of your data, as this will erase all your data. 

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Method 4: Contact Apple Support

If you are getting frustrated, and even after reinstalling the iOS, you are still stuck with a frozen screen on your iPhone. Then, before going to the service center, we recommend you first contact Apple Support and ask them for help. However, after that, if they suggest you reach to nearest Apple Service center, then go for it. 

So, this is how you can fix the if iPhone gets frozen after the recent iOS update. We hope you find this guide helpful. If so, give us your valuable feedback and let us know if anything needs to be improved. 


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