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Fix: iPhone 13 Mini Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue or Not Working

Like the previous iPhones, the iPhone 13 received a lot of improvements and upgrades, which are not new, but on the plus side, the iPhone 13 series also suffers from some major hardware issues. Users have complained a lot about problems with iPhone 13 every day. 

Recently, users have been talking about the Wi-Fi connectivity issue with iPhone 13. This issue is present on all models, but iPhone 13 Mini users seem to be more annoyed by it. However, if you are facing the same issue with your iPhone 13 Mini, you don’t have to worry. In this guide, we will share all the iPhone 13 Wi-Fi problems and possible fixes.

Fix: iPhone 13 Mini Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue or Not Working

Ways To Fix iPhone 13 Mini Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue or Not Working.

iPhone 13 Mini and other iPhone 13 models are having Wi-Fi connectivity issues. The problem seems serious. But it is not a hardware problem. There may be other factors in your device that can cause this problem. At the same time, we continue to search for a solution to your problem. 

Below are the main Wi-Fi issues that iPhone 13 Mini users are experiencing.

  • Unable to connect to Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi will be automatically disconnected.
  • Wi-Fi speed problem
  • Wi-Fi is not working

Now that you know the common Wi-Fi issues on your iPhone 13 Mini, here are some possible solutions to these issues.

Method 1. Restart your iPhone

The most easiest way to get started is to restart your phone. Rebooting the device should fix all software glitches. First, you have to restart your device; however, consider the next step if that doesn’t work.

Method 2. Restart Router

Before making complex repairs and working with device settings. You should understand the possible basic solutions first, so if restarting your phone does not work. Try restarting the router. Sometimes the router may have signal problems or connection congestion. In this scenario, your phone cannot connect to the Internet.

Restarting the router can solve all of these issues. We will help you solve the problem as early as possible.

Method 3. Force Reboot iPhone 13 Mini

A hard restart can fix many technical issues with your device. So, if the above methods do not help, you should give them a try. Here are the steps to restart your iPhone 13 Mini:

  • Press the Volume up button.
  • Then press Volume Down button of your iPhone 13 Mini.
  • Now press and hold the side button until the iPhone official logo appears on the screen.

Method 4. Update your Router Firmware

If you are having problems with your router, it is best to update your router firmware. This will resolve any issues with your router, and you will have a stable connection again.

Method 5. Reconnect to your Wi-Fi Network

If your device can’t connect to Wi-Fi or if you see a “Password Error” message after entering the correct password, try connecting to Wi-Fi again. First, you forget your Wi-Fi network, then enter your Wi-Fi password to reconnect to the network. You can do it directly in iPhone settings after a successful connection. Next, check if the problem persists. If so, then move on to the next fix.

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Method 6. Enable Wi-Fi Assist Feature

Wi-Fi Support is useful when you have Wi-Fi issues or if your Wi-Fi connection is unstable. That’s a feature built into the iPhone. Wi-Fi support solves most Wi-Fi connectivity issues. The best part is that you can automatically access your mobile data when your Wi-Fi speed drops or your connection temporarily fails.

That’s all you require to know about the Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue on iPhone 13 Mini. Also, make sure not to connect to the VPN when you encounter this kind of problem. Turn off the VPN before testing your Wi-Fi network. 

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