8 Best IP Address Changer Software For Windows

In this modern era of the internet and smart devices, data security is the biggest concern. Your Internet protocol address is a unique address that helps to identify your device over the internet. So the IP address works as a gate pass or security code to break into your device. Hence your data is no safer if someone with the wrong intention has your IP.

Several social networking sites and other websites store your IP to track your online activity. They use it in marketing by analyzing your interests. On the other hand, it is not safe anymore. The people with wrong intentions buy that data from different sources to spy on you. Don’t worry! Thankfully there are several methods to hide your IP, and one such is using the best IP Address Changer Software.

8 Best IP Address Changer Software For Windows

How Does ‘IP Address Changer Software’ Works?

The IP changer software redirects your device through several previously recorded proxy networks while you browse over the internet. This will make you untraceable by hiding up your original IP. Sometimes it also provides you a duplicate IP or a mirror IP. Now the web pages cannot store your real identifier. In addition to that, this software also allows you to enter the foreign servers which are blocked in your country.

Best IP Address Changer Software For Windows

In the list below, we have provided the best IP address changer software for windows. All of them individually are capable enough to help you out.

#1. Fast IP Changer

Fast Ip changer is a cleverly coded program that provides you a mirror id within less than a second. It provides you IP in four different configurations. The super-smooth performance of the software justifies its name. In addition, the size of the application is only 1 MB, which makes it quick to install and use.

 You don’t need to pay a single bud to use this application. It is free to download and use.

#2. TCP IP Manager

TCP IP Manager is also open-source IP address changer software to mirror your IP while surfing over the internet or a local network. The feature ranks it second in the list of the best IP address changer software for windows is unlimited IP configuration. Yes! Here you can create limitless IP configuration on any DNS server.

Also, here you can select different proxy networks depending on the browser you are using. Further, you can modify your needs to get an IP address according to your need in the settings. It is also free software. There are no hidden charges for any internal features.

#3. NetSetMan

NetSetMan is also a well-coded free IP address changer software for windows. It can be used to generate a duplicate IP for your Windows device. The feature that pushes it upwards to the list is that the application automatically detects the networks and switches the best-suited IP configuration.

If somehow the automatic detection fails, then you can also put the configuration details manually. So, all these features are enough to keep your IP safe while switching between multiple networks.

Price: If you are a non-commercial user, then the free version of the software is enough for you. Otherwise, you can purchase the advanced version of it.

#4. Free IP Switcher

If your switch to different network profiles frequently, then the free IP switcher is made for you. Initially, you can allow the application to detect your IP and the DNS server automatically, or you can enter the details manually. The very basic interface of the software makes it easy to handle.

#5. Shock IP Changer

This free software enables you to switch between different networks. You can create more than one network profile. When you create the IP profile, you can allow the software to detect IP and DNS by itself or customize it according to your need. Please note that you can always delete or modify a network profile. By selecting an IP configuration from the list provided, you can easily run. 

#6. IP Changer

This software allows you to save 6 IP configurations and select among them when required. This is open-source software that runs in Windows. You can easily add the IP address, DNS, Netmask, default gateway, and other network details. You can easily make a transition from one network profile to the other by activating it. This software also allows you to set proxy networks and ping a website or gateway.

#7. Argon Network Switcher

Argon Network Switcher provides a variety of eye-catching features. You can make several profiles using IPs, creating a proxy configuration, importing system settings, etc. Some of the features which make it more demanding are a drive map, disabled adaptor, default printers, and many other features. One of the drawbacks is that all the functions are handled manually. However, the Argon Network switcher comes free of cost.

#8. IP Shifter

This is very much similar to the other software mentioned above. For a selected network adapter, you can create a network profile with an IP address and DNS. You can set up a proxy for browsers. To activate a network profile, you need to apply it from your list. You can easily add, delete and manage the profiles.

This is the best IP address changer software out of a lot. However, you can get more amazing features by spending a bit.

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So, these were some of the best IP address changer software for Windows 11 PC. But, in case we missed something in this article, feel free to ask us in the comment section. 

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