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How to Install Dolby Atmos Home Theatre on Windows 11

With the launch of the modern features and sharply designed Windows 11, every Windows user is looking to say goodbye to the older version. And why not? The elegance and the potential it promises seem like the ultimate experience that we crave. And how can we not talk about multimedia when it comes to an awesome experience.

Yes, you guessed it right. We have brought this article to enhance your experience even more by giving you the step-by-step guide of connecting your Dolby atmos-powered home theatre with your operating system. All this is to give you a surreal experience of enjoying your favorite media, be it movies, music, or gaming, without any resistance. So, let’s see how you’ll install the Dobly Atmos Home Theatre on Windows 11.

How to Install Dolby Atmos Home Theatre on Windows 11

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Why Dolby Atmos? What Is It Exactly?

A lot of people mistake the Dolby sound for something else. We are not here just to give you the guide to have the theatre-like breathtaking experience at the comfort of your home. But, also to give you the brief knowledge about this beautiful technology which brings the media to realism.

Developed by Dolby Laboratories, Dolby Atmos is a special and most popular spatial surround-sound format, which gives us a realistic 3D feel of experiencing the media in a way that allows us to live the experience. It was originally designed for cinemas, but now you can see it spreading like CoronaVirus, but for better. And why not? Everyone should feel the heavenly sight of listening to their favorite music on a rainy day while experiencing it the best way!

Dolby Atmos

Alright! Enough praise of Dolby Atmos, now let’s discuss what makes it so amazing and why do we movie lovers, music enthusiasts, and gaming addicts love it so much. To understand Dolby Atmos, which is also known as Dolby Atmosphere, the next big thing after Dolby Digital, let’s have a quick glimpse of how sound is mixed.

Every fraction of sound that comes from your speakers has a unique objective, a unique direction from which it is coming through, and it all gets delivered into specific channels, so it can reach out to the listener without ruining the impact of this realism packed arrangement.

Let’s take an example of your own hall room where you watch movies. A specific scene might require a sound to come from the right side of your rooftop, and one might require to feel like it’s coming right from your left front. Well, Dolby Atmos does the job of providing this arrangement as a fantastic experience full of surrealism to your ears and soul.

How to Connect or Install Your Dolby Atmos Home Theatre on Windows 11

We need to get access to the Dolby Access app from the Microsoft app store to get started. By following the guidelines mentioned below, you will be able to have the ultimate experience and install the Dolby Atmos Home Theatre on your Windows 11 PC: 

#1. Open Microsoft Store on Your Device

Navigate through your apps and open the Microsoft app store. If you don’t have it, then install it. If you already have it, then open it.

#2. Search for The Dolby Access App And Install

Now you have to search for an app named Dolby Access which will allow you to connect to the Dolby arrangements of your home theatre. You can also activate the spatial sound in your windows 11 to make it even better if your device supports it. By going to Settings, then navigating the System section, then searching for the Sounds option, and turning on the spatial sound of your system by choosing Dolby Atmos for your speakers.

#3. Setting up: Choose the Launch Button

Click on the Launch button. You can skip all the suggestions if you are in a hurry. On the other hand, you can give some time to read them all, depending on how you like it to be done. Now click on the Products tab, choose the Dolby Atmos for Home Theatre option from the choices, and click on setup.

#4. Final Configuration: Connecting it With Your Home Theatre

Now click on the continue button to move forward, and turn on your home theatre. Continue with the directions you will see on your screen. Just complete the process, and finally, you will be able to have the taste of Dolby Atmos.


It doesn’t seem like a valid question after praising it that much, right? Well, it shouldn’t be. Dolby Atmos provides you with the awesome experience of watching or rather living the media that you enjoy. So why not try it yourself. Not to mention you can also connect your Dolby atmos-powered earphones using a slightly different process.

Let us know in the comment, if you would like to have an article on the same. We hope it’s been a valuable read for our users. So, that’s it from our side on how to install Dolby Atmos on your Windows 11 PC. We hope you find this guide helpful. 

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