How To Fix Instagram Reels Not Showing Issue

Reels are the latest Instagram feature and provide a fantastic opportunity to grow your account. So, you can say that Instagram reels are that new hot feature on the platform. And now the problem is that a lot of you guys out there might not have been able to use reels as of right now because you’re simply not seeing that option showing up.

However, if reels are not showing up in one or even multiple of your accounts, then this can become super frustrating. That’s why in this guide, we’ll go through the reason why reels are not showing up and what are the possible solution that you can do to fix this vexing issue. So, why we are here and not directly jump into the guide and see how you can fix this error.

Fix Instagram Reels not Showing

How To Fix Instagram Reels Not Showing Issue

I don’t think that Instagram Reels need any introduction because it directly landed on the mars like Dogecoin just after the release. Yeah! Obviously, hard work always paid off, so that in the case of Reels. Instagram Reels launch back in 2020 while there is a nationwide lockdown in almost every part of the globe.

And we all know after that what happens. However, it is launched to depress the domination of TikTok. But, even Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t ever think that Instagram Reels become a popular platform for short videos. However, mostly it is renowned as TikTok for a richer one, but that’s not true as both have their own unique functionality. 

Unfortunately, for the last couple of days, some of my friends texted me that dude, is there any issue with your Instagram cause their Instagram reels not showing. So, I have suggested them some tricks, or you can say tips to fix this issue. And guess what? After thinking for a while, I’ve decided why not bring a guide for you guys to fix this annoying error. So, now, here are the methods to fix if your Instagram Reels are also not showing up.

#1. Update Your App

You can check if there is an update available for Instagram on your Apple Store or PlayStore. Sometimes due to pending updates, we might have to befall within many issues. However, Instagram usually rolls out an update almost every week to improve performance and fix bugs. So, it might be possible that there is an update available that indeed fix this issue.

#2. Become a Beta Tester

It is possible that in your region currently, this feature is unavailable. But, then, if you roll yourself as a beta tester in that scenario, you most probably get this feature once you installed the beta version of the app. So, you may try this one if you hail from a company where currently this feature is unavailable.

#3. Re Sign-Up in The Instagram App

This is the best possible fix if you are struggling and your Instagram Reels is not showing up. Nothing to worry about this. Simply go to setting and log out from the application. Then, I’ll suggest you reboot your application and device both. After that, again, using your credentials, log in to the Instagram app and check if the issue is not fixed.

#4. Clear Cache Data 

Another potential way to fix the issue is that if the problem is caused due to some temporary bugs and glitches, clearing cache data may help you. Then, clearing your cache data of Instagram will help you fix this. Here are the steps to delete the cache data of your Instagram application:

  1. Hover to your phone’s Settings and locate the Manage Apps option and once get click on it.
  2. Now, inside the installed application list, find out Instagram, or you can directly search for it.
  3. Once get, there is a button that signifies Clear Cache and Data. So, click on it and wait for the process to be finished.

But, before doing this, keep in mind that you may need to log in again after performing this method. Thereafter, check if the error gets fixed.

#5. Reinstall The Instagram Application 

If the above four methods don’t work for you, then I personally recommend you uninstall the Instagram application. Then, hover to the PlayStore or Apple Store and search for Instagram. After that, download it and wait until it gets installed on your mobile phone. Once done, simply open the application and check if the issue gets resolved. 

#6. Report a Problem 

This could be the last method that you need to take to get rid of this issue. After that, you can simply open your Instagram in-app settings and navigate to the Help button. Now, in the next window, you’ll get an option to Report a Problem. After that, you have to give the specific reason or the issue that you are currently facing and hit the submission button.

So, that is it. Team Instagram will thoroughly inspect the issue, and if the issue is from their side, they will for sure fix it within 48 hours. But, on the other hand, if this feature is unavailable in your region, then except waiting, there is no other option for you to use this feature. I hope you liked this guide and now you know how to fix the particular error. Nevertheless, if you liked this guide, show some love and give your valuable feedback in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to visit here again. 

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