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How to Fix Hell Let Loose Keeps Crashing on Windows 11 PC

Hell Let Loose is a popular multiplayer first-person shooting world war II-based game that is trending everywhere. It was developed by Australian studio black matter and published by Team 17. In this game, the players have to fight the iconic battle of the eastern and western front from WW II at platoon level. It’s not about winning in the game the better communication, coordination, and teamwork help the user level up and get the best weapon to fight.

The Hell Let Loose was launched officially for the console in 2019, and now it’s available for PC. However, players are enjoying the game so far, but many reported that the game keeps crashing on windows 11 and console, including PlayStation and Xbox. In addition, it crashes whenever we open the game, but we have the possible fixes to resolve the crashing issue in Windows 11 and console.

How to Fix Hell Let Loose Keeps Crashing on Windows 11 PC

Methods to Fix Hell Let Loose Keeps Crashing on Windows 11 PC

In the current scenario, everyone likes the FPS games as it has the intense gaming experience with high-end graphics, but the Hell Let loose is more than an FPS game. It will need real-time strategies, classic guns, operating a tank, and the epic battle of WWII with 100 players fighting for survival. Furthermore, if we talk about the issues like lagging, Low FPS, startup crashes that you might have experienced in your System, you will lose the desire to play the game.

Method 1: Verify Games File

Due to some glitch or accidentally, some of the important files can be corrupted or missing, leading to game crashing issues. So the first step is to verify the game file to fix the problem.

  • Open Steam on your System and move to the Library.
  • Now right click on the Hell Let Loose game and then select Properties from the list.
  • Then from the left panel, choose the Local Files.
  • After selecting Local Files, then go to the Verify Integrity of the game files.
  • If any error is found the Steam will redownload the game file from the official server.
  • It may take a few minutes to execute the verification process of your game files. Once complete, open the HLL(Hell Let loose) and check if the game is crashing again. If still, you are facing the same issue, then move to the following method.

Method 2: Install the latest Hell Let Loose Patch

The devs of HLL provide regular updates and patches to improve gameplay and fix bugs. The game crash issue has already been raised to the game company, and they are working on it sooner or later. They will provide a regular patch to resolve the issue. However, it automatically shows on Steam for any new update, but you can search it manually then click on download and install.

Open the game on Steam. Then, searching for updates will boot in startup and download itself. After installing the patch, restart the game to apply the change and check whether the crash issue is resolved or not.

Method 3: Disable the Steam Overlay

According to some professional gamers, Steam Overlay is not working smoothly with the HLL game and leads to bugs like lagging and crashing of the game. So try once to disable the Steam overlay and check whether this fix works for you or not.

  • Open Steam on your System and move to the Library.
  • Now right click on the Hell Let Loose game and then select Properties from the list.
  • Then, from the General tab, uncheck the box in front of Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game.

Also, if you are using other apps like Twitch, Discord, and Nvidia Geforce Experience, then disable the overlay feature from all apps before starting the HLL game in your System.

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Method 4: Stop CPU/GPU OverClocking

Overclocking is mostly used for enhancing your system speed, but it has some side effects and may harm your processer or System. Some of the games also overclock their System to get better FPS and turbo boost the graphic card. However, due to sudden modification in the System, it may act abnormal, and as a result, some features may not work properly and crashes of System and game.

To decrease the overclocking of the CPU, you have to reset the CPU/GPU to its default from the manufactures settings or BIOS. After resetting the CPU/GPU restart your System and check the issue gets fixed or not.

Method 5: Stop All Backgroud Programm and perform Clean Boot

Sometimes other applications may conflict with the HLL game to start. We have to perform a clean boot to find out the application that stops or blocks the game from opening. It will stop all the applications that are running in the background. But before applying this method, kindly save all your work on your System.

  • Press Windows + R to open Run and insert the text MSConfig, and then press Enter. It will open the System configure window.
  • Now select the Navigation tab from the current window and then click on the check box in front of Hide all Microsoft services.
  • Next, click on Disable all.
  • Then, hover to the Startup tab and click on Open Task Manager.
  • Now disable every program on the current tab.
  • After that, press OK, then click on Restart to save changes.

If still, you are facing the same issue, repeat the above step to disable the one-by-one program. It is a bit lengthy method, but it will not take more than minutes. If you found the culprit program, then uninstall it to get rid of the crashing issue.

We hope the above fixes will work for you. Let us know if any difficulty you are facing while using the methods. If nothing will work, then try to uninstall and reinstall Steam and the game. Finally, tell us in the comment box if you have any questions or feedback about the Hell Let Loose.

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