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How to Fix Hell Let Loose Keeps Crashing on Consoles

Another WWII masterpiece of multiplayer FPS from the Australian developer studio Black Matter and published by Team 17. Hell Let Loose combines countless individual stories of War drama, heroism, and absurdity. The game is known for how world war II was fought in history. The game only needs teamwork and leadership to win; however, the game is about to capture and hold the points of the map.

It is a two-player game in which both of them are commanders of their respective teams. Commanders have to strategize and coordinate the movement of squads, the flow of supplies, and the use of supports like arteries and aerial strafing runs. But many console users reported the issue with Hell Let Loose lag, Low FPS, stutter, and keeps crashing continuously in the Console. So here are some fix and improvement methods with some modifications in the Console and game settings.

How to Fix Hell Let Loose Keeps Crashing on Consoles

Methods To Fix Hell Let Loose Keeps Crashing on Consoles

The Console is a dedicated gaming device, so typically, we don’t get any issues while playing games on it. Whether you are playing the Hell Let Loose game, the Console UI, Software, and inbuilt graphic card and chip enhance the gaming experience. Start with rebooting the Console to fix minor bugs and cache-related issues or any system glitch.

Also, check once that there is no issue with the game server. Generally, due to game maintenance or server issue in your region, you may face crash problems while playing on Console. The following basic troubleshooting is to test the internet connection. Hell Let Loose is a multiplayer game, so it requires good internet speed to run the game. If the game keeps crashing issue is still not resolved, follow the below methods to fix the crash issue in Console.

Method 1: Update Hell Let Loose and the Firmware of Console

Before opening the game on your Console (Xbox or PlayStation), check first if any firmware update is available for your Console. Also, check if any game update is pending to install or not. However, the update is set to download and install automatically, but sometimes we have to download the firmware and game update manually.

As we know, an updated patch may fix the current issue from the developer of the game and Console. Therefore, make sure to turn on the auto-update option for software and application to prevent your Console from facing these issues in the future.

Method 2: Clear Game Data

The following method is to delete the gaming data from your Console. You can also say it is a trick more than a method. Many players mention this method on various platforms that delete the game data fix if the game keeps crashing in their Console.


  • Quit the Hell Let Loose from the Console and go to the home screen.
  • Then go to the Settings and then select Application Saved Data Management.
  • Now you will see three options of storage System, Online, and USB. Please select any of them and then tap on Delete.
  • Next, choose Hell Let Loose from the list and select the file you want to delete, or you can choose to select all to delete all game files from the PlayStation Account.
  • Again select Delete and then OK to confirm.
  • Reboot the PlayStation to apply changes, and after reboot, rerun the game to check the issue is resolved or not.


  • Quit the Hell Let Loose from the Console and go to My Games and Apps.
  • Now choose to See all and highlight the Hell Let Loose game.
  • Then navigate to Manage games and add-ons and scroll down below to save data.
  • After that, select Delete All and wait till the process is complete.
  • Reboot the Xbox to apply changes, and after reboot, rerun the game to check the issue is resolved or not.

Method 3: Decrease In-game Graphic

Sometimes by default or manually, we set the game graphics at a high level. It is also one of the reasons behind the crash of the Hell Let Loose game in Console. First, open the game on your Console and then go to the in-game settings to reduce or modify the game graphics. After that, go to the graphic or display tab and change the graphic resolution to lower, or you can use a custom FPS limit according to your console hardware compatibility. Finally, relaunch the game to check the issue is fixed or not.

Method 4: Hard Reset The Console To Fix The Crashing Issue

Performing the hard reset of your Console will fix many system issues like glitches or cache data from the system and the game. Usually, we have to reset our device every year for the smoothness of system software. Still, we avoid this only because the game, including the player’s data, will be deleted with the Hard Reset. But you can download a new file that enhances the gaming experience and system’s health.


  • Switch off the PlayStation control and press and hold the power button of PlayStation till you hear the beep sound twice. It may take 10 seconds.
  • Now you will see two options to reset the PlayStation on your screen.
  • After that, select the necessary option, follow the on-screen instruction, and wait until complete.
  •  Run the game to check the crash issue is resolved or not of Hell Let Loose game.


  • Press the Xbox button from the Xbox controller.
  • Now navigate to the Profile & System and then select Settings from the available menu.
  • Next, choose System and the Console Info.
  • After that, tap on Reset and then select Proceed if prompted.
  • Wait till the process is complete, and then sign in to your Xbox account with your credential.
  • Now install the Hell Let Loose game again and then run the game.

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Method 5: Avoid Rest Mode in Console

Some players also reported that avoiding putting the Console on a rest mode may harm the game running behind. However, Rest mode is a great feature that comes only in Console. In other words, we set our PC in sleep mode. Here the Console will reduce the consumption and temporarily disable the running game to save power. But we use this feature now and then and forgot to turn off the Console. Thus, due to sudden restart and shutdown, the games may crash, glitch, or lag.

That’s all. We hope the methods will fix the keeps crashing issue of Hell Let Loose in Console from our side. For more information, bookmark ClanCarousel, and for feedback and queries, comment down below.

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