How to Fix Go Back Button Not Working in Windows 11

If you got wrapped up in the excitement and upgraded to windows 11. But now you’re willing to go back to windows 10. You can do it pretty easily within 10 days. Nonetheless, what if this trial period is already over? Well, I have seen many people complaining that their back button is not working on Windows 11. However, most probably happen because you have passed your trial period and now agreed to use the new service.

I know mostly all of you out there have upgraded to Windows 11, right? And why not? As this is one of the big buzzes, everybody wanted to see that sneak peek of Windows 11. But here’s the thing it is a beta operating system, right? So, it is evident that it’s not the polished final version. So what you might find is, it’s a little quirky and don’t work quite right.

Yeah! This new OS is like heaven for those who are love to try it out and test it and give Microsoft feedback about it. But, if you did this for your daily driver. Then you just need to get back to a previous version of windows. Luckily, here in this comprehensive guide, we will tell you how to fix the go back button not working issue on Windows 11 so that you can easily roll back to the version of Windows that is Windows 10. 

How to Fix Go Back Button Not Working in Windows 11

How to Fix Go Back Button Not Working in Windows 11 | Switch Back T0 Windows 10

The internet currently overflowed with people looking for answers, those who have been upgraded to Windows 11 but now wanted to roll back to Windows 10. But, I think they wouldn’t get any related information as every site claims that the steps they explain help you to fix this. However, in reality, when you applied those steps, you will get nothing. But, this is not the actual fact because users don’t understand that Microsoft gives you only 10 days to test and if you don’t like or feel that you are not using the beta version anymore. Then you have to revert to Windows 10 within this period. 

So, unfortunately, there isn’t any way using which you can roll back to Windows 10 once the trial period gets over. Meanwhile, if your trial period is not over and you still wanted to roll back to the previous version. Then, follow the steps given below carefully. But, before that make sure to create a restore point for your data for just assurance. 

  • First of all, head towards the Settings menu and click on the System
  • Now, hit the Recovery button located inside the system menu.
  • After that, a recovery window will open. You need to select the Advance startup and hit the Restart Now button.

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Note: When you hit the restart button, it will redirect you towards the Windows Recovery Environment tab.


  • Then, select the Troubleshoot option under the Windows Recovery area.
  • Now, click on the Reset This PC button. This will initiate a complete reset process of your PC.
  • In the next window, you require to select the Advanced option.
  • Then, hit the Uninstall Updates button and then click on the Uninstall the latest feature update. This will perform a complete rollback and again install the previous version of Windows that you are using before.

That’s it. Now, you have to wait for a while because it will take some time to roll back to the previous version and get the things ready for use. Although Windows 11 has features way more than Windows 11, currently, it’s not stable. So, it is highly advised that you install Windows 11 only if you are sure about it and have another backup device. However, it might be possible that for you, it may take time to adjust to the new Windows 11. So, it’s better to have a backup device for your work. 

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Now, I think you know how to perform and fix the back button not working issue on Windows 11, after following the procedure given in this guide. Nevertheless, as we have already stated, if you have just installed Windows 11 on your PC or laptop, keep in mind that you want to roll back to the previous version. 

So, that’s it from our side. We hope you find this guide helpful. However, it might be possible that you have any doubt in your mind. If so, then don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment section below. We will be honored to help you further. Also, if you are willing to know everything about Windows 11, let us know in the comment section. 


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