How to Get Gargoyle’s Black Axe in Elden Ring

Do you want to get the Gargoyle’s Black Axe in Elden Ring? If you are looking for strength and faith and want to charge against your enemies with power, then fighting for the Gargoyle’s Black axe will be worth it. But, it wouldn’t be easy to get to Black Blade Kindred. You need to defeat at least four bosses before you get to Melina, who has the key to reaching the forgotten Lands.

In the mountains of Giants, guarding the path to the Grand Lift of Rold, there can be found the Black Blade Kindred, who has the Gargoyle’s axe. Only after defeating him can you claim the Gargoyle’s Black axe.

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How to Get Gargoyle's Black Axe in Elden Ring

What is Gargoyle’s Black Axe?

Gargoyle’s Black axe is a blood bathing weapon in Elden Ring, which gives strength and power to the player yielding it. However, a heavy-hitting weapon deals severe damage and is too heavy for a weak person to handle.

Gargoyle’s Black Axe

How to Get Gargoyle’s Black Axe in Elden Ring

To claim Gargoyle’s Black axe, you would need to make your through the Captial City in Altus Plateau to the Forbidden Lands in the mountaintops of Giants. Your journey should be something like this:

Step 1: Reach Capital City

The first step is to reach Capital City after defeating three bosses that you will encounter in the earlier areas. You will have to fight: Rykard, Godrick, Rennala, and Radahn before you get to Capital City.

Note: Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, is a Demigod. Like Kykard, Godrick is also a Demigod, the last living member of the Golden Lineage. However, unlike other bosses, Rennala isn’t a Demigod and is known as the Queen of the Full Moon. 

Out of all the bosses that you would have to fight for Gargoyle’s Black axe, Radahn or Starscourge Radahn is said to be the toughest boss. Radahn is a massive and destructive Demigod who can be accessed by activating the Radahn Festival in Altus Plateau.

Step 2: Defeat Morgott

After eliminating previous bosses, you will have to fight Morgott in Capital City. Morgott or Margit The Omen King is what stands between you and Melina. To defeat Morgott, you would need to bring the Lone Wolves’ spirit ash, use Margit’s Shackle and deal holy damage.

Step 3: Talk to Melina

After defeating Morgott, you have to talk to Melina, who has the key to reach the Forbidden Lands that you have to take from her. Melina is not a boss, so you don’t have to fight her.

Step 4: Forgotten Lands

Upon reaching the Forgotten Lands, you have to continue through the snow-covered land with thick fog and make you to the Black Blade Kindred, who guards the path to Grand Lift of Rold.

Step 5: Black Blade Kindred

Black Blade Kindred is a field boss. He is a Gargoyle that wields massive armament and leaves a trail of destruction along his path. He is a tough boss, so be prepared before fighting him.

Aim for his head to defeat him without spending a lot of time. You can also summon Millicent to defeat Black Blade Kindred. Once defeated, he will drop Gargoyle’s Black axe, which you can claim and use to deal holy damage.

defeat Black Blade Kindred

So, that’s how you get this legendary axe in Elden Ring. We hope that you can now get and add this deadly weapon to your inventory. But, in case you have any doubts or suggestions for us, comment below and let us know. Furthermore, you may also like Vampire Survivors: Weapon Evolve Guide.


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