How to Get Creative Mode in V Rising

Do you want to get creative mode in V Rising? Well, in a world full of vampires, V Rising is a multiplayer survival game in which players aim to gain strength and respect by hunting others, conquering the land of the living, and establishing dominance. Having a castle with a strong foundation is a must if players wish to survive for a long time. 

With creative mode, players can build their dream castles. To complicate matters, players have reported it is difficult to get into the creative mode in V Rising. They indeed didn’t read this detailed guide!

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How to Get Creative Mode in V Rising

What is Creative Mode in V Rising?

The creative mode in V Rising isn’t the same as to get creative mode in Minecraft. It lacks a lot of things and has many limitations. However, players get to experiment with tons of stuff that can’t be done in the normal done. 

To get the creative mode in V Rising, players will have to tamper with some of the settings. With this said, let’s get access to the creative mode.

How to Get Creative Mode in V Rising?

To get the creative mode in V Rising, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the game and in the options menu, go to settings.
  2. Find General Tab to get to the interface section and check the creative mode box to enable creative mode.Get Creative Mode
  3. Go into play and select “Private Game.”

However, in the in-game settings, next to Standard PvE rules, there will be an option “Select Ruleset.” Click on the option and further select “Standard PvE easy.” Hit the load button to apply the changes. There will be labeled as “Advanced Game Settings” in the bottom right; click that. Here, you will be able to adjust sliders regarding different mechanics. 

V Rising Creative mode

Players can change the settings according to their preference to get, however here are some basic settings:

World SettingsReduce Garlic/Silver/Sun strength multiplier down to zero, and you will become immune to all these things.

1. Items Settings

Uncheck “Teleport Bound Items” to allow you to teleport with anything in your inventory. Turn “Inventory Stacks multiplier” all the way to the max to carry more items in your inventory.

2. Castle Settings

Reduce “Castle Decay Multiplier” and “Blood Essence Drain Rate” all the way to zero and turn “Castle Heart Limitation” all the way to the max to increase the life of the castle.

3. Crafting and Building Settings

  1. To build for free, reduce “Build Cost Multiplier” to zero.
  2. To craft for free, reduce “Crafting Cost Multiplier” to zero.
  3. To increase the speed of crafting, increase the “Crafting Rate” to its highest.

4. Vampire Settings

Max out “Health Multiplier,” “Physical Power Multiplier,” and “Spell Power Multiplier” to increase health, physical, and spell power, respectively.

To increase the damage done and clear resources at a faster speed, turn “Resource Power Multiplier” all the way to max. To become immune to damage received by enemies and mods, max out “Damage Received Multiplier.”

5. Starting Equipment Settings

Slide it all the to 80 to spawn with level 80 gear.

After changing these many settings, you will become a god-like vampire and be immune to almost everything. There are still many options left to be modified.

If you want more freedom, you can look to alter the remaining settings. To make more changes while playing, you can press the (~) key to open the Console. Enter command “adminauth” to give you administrator privileges.

You are done now! You can now easily get creative mode in V Rising. We hope that our explanation has helped you. However, in case you find that you need more help, comment below and let us know. Also, make sure to check out, How to Fix the V Rising Keeps Crashing on Windows 11.


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