How To Fix Snapchat Crashing Issue on iPhone

Popular apps like Snapchat may break down every now and then. In fact, there have already been cases wherein the App just closes by itself without apparent reason. So app crashes are actually common, but they’re not that hard to fix.

Recently, many users worldwide complain about an alarming error. They fret that after the recent iOS update in their iPhone, the Snapchat app started crashing. Well, this is very frustrating as, without Snapchat, the world is vague as it’s our darling social media application where we share every moment of our life.

Anyway, if your Snapchat application also starts crashing after the recent iOS update. Then, here’s what you require to do to fix this irritating error.

How To Fix Snapchat Crashing Issue on iPhone

Fix: Snapchat Crashing Issue on iPhone

FIxing the Snapchat crashing isn’t rocket science at all. You may be able to fix this just by performing a few several steps; nevertheless, if you may already be familiar with the fact that Snapchat officials already consider this issue and ensure users that they will soon roll out a patch update to fix this bug.

So, until they provide some permanent fixes, you may try the fixes we mentioned below. However, before we start, keep in mind to do not to skip any fix as each fix is important to perform in sequences.

Fix 1: Close Your Application and Reboot Your Device

Yeah! It’s an old-school method. But, trust me, it is really effective as many users reported that just a simple restart helps them fix the issue permanently. So, why not you try this? By doing this, you’ll not only get a fresh start but also clear all the temporary cache files, which enhances your phone’s performance. 

Fix 2: Check Your Internet Connection

Did you check your connectivity speed? If not, then first check your WiFi speed from the Speedtest checker tool. After that, if you have noticed that your connectivity cannot provide proper speed and fluctuate continuously. Then, contact your internet service provider and report a complaint. 

Meanwhile, if you are using your mobile data, we recommend you put your iPhone into Airplane mode and, after 1 minute, disable it. Then, try accessing another app such as YouTube to check if you get the appropriate speed or not.

Fix 3: Check For Pending Update 

Even after performing the above two mentioned methods, you still find no luck fixing the issue. But, then, most probably, you are using the older version of the Snapchat application, resulting in crashing issues.

So, you simply hover over to the App Store and locate your beloved Snapchat app and click on it under the installed application section. Now, if any update is pending, instead of showing the open button, it will show you the update button. After that, check if the Snapchat crashing issue gets fixed or not. 

Fix 4: Clear Cache Data of Snapchat

This is one of the best methods to remove the temporary bugs and glitches present on your application’s file. So, to do so, you just simply hover over to the iPhone’s settings App and follow the path: General< iPhone Storage< Snapchat< Offload App. That’s it. When you click on this offload button, it will clear all the cache data present on your Snapchat application files. 

Fix 5: Reset Settings of Your iPhone.

Most of the time, with every iOS update, Apple tweaks some changes to its settings in order to increase iPhone’s security. So, it might be possible that some of your iPhone settings may block or prevent your Snapchat application from running smoothly. In that case, resetting all settings of your iPhone is the best option. Here are the steps to do so: 

  1. Firstly, hover to the Settings App of your iPhone.
  2. Then, tap on the General tab followed by Reset.
  3. After that, simply hit the Reset all settings from the list of the available options.
  4. Now, your iPhone may prompt a window and ask you to enter your passcode. So, type it and click on Ok.
  5. After that, confirm your action, and that’s it. Now, you have reset all settings of your iPhone. Now, check if the Snapchat crashing issue gets resolved or not.

Fix 6: Reinstall Your Snapchat

Yes, you hear it right! If none of the fixes we mentioned above worked in your case. Then, it is the last option that you have. So, simply open your setting app and, from the installed application section, uninstall Snapchat.

After that, hover over to the Apple app store and reinstall it on your iPhone. Then, type your login details to log in, and that’s it. Now, enjoy your using Snapchat and take as many as cameo selfies you want and share them to reset the world via Snapchat. 

So, that’s how you can fix the Snapchat crashing issue on your iPhone. We hope this guide helped you fixing this particular issue. However, if so, give us your valuable feedback and let us know which one of the fixes worked in your case. Also, if you are a new visitor of Clancarosuel, don’t forget to check out our other latest guide too. 


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