Fix: Omegle Not Working on VPN

Did you recently notice that the Omegle is not working on VPN? If so, then you are not alone and the good news is we have some fixes, but before that lets some key things. In my opinion, VPNs are the best way to prevent encryption of your private data on Omegle from hackers and administrators. You can also access Omegle with VPN if your school, university, or country has strong censorship against Omegle. 

Even since the Omegle update, many reports of Omegle not working on VPN or stopped working on VPN network for many users. It is an issue as it leaves you vulnerable to hackers, or you can’t access Omegle. If you are also looking to fix this issue, or want to suggest your friend, then don’t worry; we have mentioned some needy fixes further in this guide.

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Fix: Omegle Not Working on VPN

How to Fix Omegle Not Working on VPN?

There are many solutions that you can try to solve if the Omegle is not working on VPN issue. Go through every single one to figure out the best one for you.

Fix 1: Use a Different VPN

Chances are the VPN you are currently using to access Omegle isn’t functioning properly, or there are some server issues, which can lead to problems with other applications. If this is the case, then you should look to use another VPN that suits your requirements and lets you access Omegle. 

You can also try the different server options your VPN may provide you with to increase your chances of fixing if the Omegle not working on VPN issue.

Fix 2: Delete Cookies

One of the ways websites determine your device identity is through cookies downloaded on your device. Omegle isn’t trying to steal your data by feeding you cookies. The cookies you have downloaded help Omegle provide you with a better experience, which means determining your device identity. 

Omegle can access the cookies downloaded and determine your device’s IP address even if you are using a VPN. So, if you are blocked, and Omegle accesses your cookies, they will find out you are blocked and will immediately not let you access their service. 

In such a case, the problem isn’t your VPN but the cookies downloaded on your device. Delete the cookies, and chances are you will fix if the Omegle not working on VPN issues.

Fix 3: Use Stealth VPNs

The VPNs that you are using may be detected by Omegle, because of which you can’t use Omegle even when on a VPN. Omegle isn’t decrypting VPN traffic; they just know who is behind the device using VPN. 

VPNs that are easily detectable don’t have the stealth feature that other VPNs may provide. Stealth VPNs make it hard to detect device identity and work as same as other VPNs to look like normal traffic. You can try these free VPNs for Omegle with stealth mode below:

  1. NordVPN
  2. Tunnelbear
  3. WindScribe VPN

Fix 4: Use a Multi-Hop VPN

Some VPNs let you bounce to different networks in seconds, which makes it difficult for others to track your device. This feature of changing your connection among different secured servers is pretty good and may be the solution to the Omegle VPN problem.

Fix 5: Go Incognito Mode

In Incognito mode, none of your browsing history, including your cookies, site data, or other information saved on your device, will appear. This means you somewhat do not appear on Omegle’s block radar and may be able to use it effortlessly. 

That’s it on how to fix if the Omegle is not working on VPN. We hope you were able to solve the issue. Further, comment below which fixes worked for you. Moreover, if you haven’t read our latest guide, Top 8 Best VPN Apps for Andriod Devices in 2022, make sure to read it. 


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