How To Fix Kinemaster Export Error (2021)

Did you also get the Kinemaster Export error? Well, this is the error that is encountered by most of the content creators who use to edit their videos on their smartphones. However, n the era of reels and TikTok, everyone can create and share their videos with no or less editing. But, somehow, a little bit of touch-up is needed. So, that efficiency was expelled out by Kinemaster.

Kinemaster master allows you to edit and give your regular video a professional look for free. However, the most important part is, it is available for almost every platform. Recently, some users tweeted that they are going through some serious issues. They mentioned that whenever they try to download the edited videos, they ended up getting a Kinemaster export error. Meanwhile, it is very tough for us to find out the solution to this error. But, eventually, we manage to get some for you guy and mentioned in this guide.

How To Fix Kinemaster Export Error (2021)

Fix: Kinemaster Export Error (2021)

Here are some fixes that you can use to fix the Kinemaster Export error. So, make sure to follow each step carefully.

#1 Method: Clear All Running Application From Background 

This is the most important step that you can do because it might be possible that in the background, there’s another app that uses your smartphone’s video decoder and conflicts with the Kinemaster. As a result, it is unable to export your videos. So, to fix this issue, it is necessary to kill all the processes running in the background. Therefore, follow these steps to clear background running programs:

  • Firstly, you need to open your recent app tab. However, to do so, press and hold the recent navigation button.
  • After that, hit the close programs or clear programs (depending upon your device).
  • That’s it. Now, all the applications running in the background stopped except your system applications.

#2 Method: Try To Export Video in Lower Resolution

In case you find that you are unable to export your video that is too big or are of high resolution. Then, we recommend you first try exporting it in Lower resolution and check if it is exported successfully. If so, this means your smartphone is unable to render that video in higher resolution, and there’s a problem in your smartphone, not in the Kinemaster application.

#3 Method: Force Close the Kinemaster and Restart

If the above methods won’t work for you, then force close your Kinemaster application and rerun it again to check if the issue gets resolved or not. To do so, you need first to minimize your Kinemaster application and hover over to the system settings. Then, navigate to the installed applications section and locate the Kinemaster application.

After that, you just require to click on it, and then in the next window, select the Force Stop button. That’s it. Now, hover back to your home screen and rerun the Kinemaster application and check if the export error gets resolved or not.

#4 Method: Restart Your Phone

If nothing helps you to fix the export error, try this one, as this is one of the classic fixes available for you. This old-school method will surely help you fix any kind of error. In addition, this will clear temporary bugs and glitches from your phone and make it more smooth by increase and enhancing its performance.

#5 Method: Clear Kinemaster Cached Data

Suppose, if there is an internal glitch in your Kinemaster installation file, then there’s a chance that it might affect the performance of your application. So, to do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, you require to hover to the System Settings app.
  • Then, navigate to the Apps section and locate the Kinemaster application from the installed application list.
  • Select the application, then in the app info screen, click on the Storage option.
  • Finally, tap on the Clear Data button to clear the Kinemaster application’s cache data.

#6 Method: Reinstall the Application

We regret if any of the above methods don’t work for you. So, this means reinstalling is the only option that is left. However, doing this will fix each issue that presents in your Kinemaster application. But, sadly, you have to edit that video once again. It is harsh, but you have no other choice left. 

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It is so often when we see some errors in Kinemaster, but even though this kind of error really frustrates creators, especially those who upload their content on a daily basis on either YouTube or any other platform. So, now what are you waiting for? Go and start editing again using our beloved video editing tool Kinemaster. 

So, that is it for today. We hope you like this guide. If so, then give us your valuable feedback. This will motivate us a lot. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions for us or want to write for us, get in touch with us using our Contact Us page. 


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