How to Enable Screenshots Functionality on Apple Watch

iPhone users would enjoy an unparalleled experience with Apple Watches, especially with the seamless integration of watchOS and iOS. Of course, it is necessary to have an iPhone to use these features. However, one of those most awaited features is screenshots functionality.

Yes, Apple Watches allow you to capture your iPhone’s screen from your Apple Watch. However, since it is not enabled by default, not many users know about it. You need to manually enable screenshots functionality on Apple Watch, but how? Don’t worry! This guide will help you.

Enable Screenshots Functionality on Apple Watch

What Are The Steps to Enable Screenshots Functionality on Apple Watch? 

Enabling the screen capturing feature on your Apple Watch isn’t a tough job to do; you can do so just by using the simple steps we have mentioned below. So, let’s check out those steps and see how you can enable the screen capturing feature on your Apple Watch:

  1. Initially, launch your Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Then, tap on the My Watch tab and hover over to the General
  3. Now, scroll down and locate the Enable Screenshots option. Then, toggle the button next to this option to the On position.

Now, once you enable this option on your iPhone, you can also do this on your Apple Watch using these steps:

  1. First, on your Apple Watch open the Settings app.
  2. Then, navigate to the General and hit the Screenshots option.
  3. Now, toggle the button to the On position located next to Enable Screenshots.

How to Take a Screenshot on Your Apple Watch

As we have already mentioned, how can you enable this feature on your Apple Watch! But now, how will you take screenshots? Don’t worry; follow these steps: 

  1. Take your Apple Watch and press the Digital Crown button along with the Side button altogether.Take Screenshot
  2. Now, the Watch screen flashes when you press these button combinations to take a screenshot. 

That’s it. Now, if you want to access the screenshot you have taken, you must hover to the Photos app on the iPhone and navigate to the Albums > Screenshots.

From Author’s Desk

Although Samsung also offers premium category watches, such as their Samsung Galaxy Watch series, but they aren’t as good as Apple. This is why users choose Apple Watch over any other smartwatch brand.

Anyway, that’s it on how to enable the screenshots functionality feature on Apple Watch. We hope that the above-mentioned guiding steps have helped you. In case you want more info concerning the topic, comment below. 


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