DroidKit | World’s First Solution to Recover Data, Fix System Issues, and Solve Any Android Problem From One Place

Gone are the times when we had to take our phones to an engineer or service center, if our phone gets freezes, crashes, etc., due to which we have to compromise with our data. But, in the current scenario, many tools are available in the market that helps us to recovers Android data in minutes and unlock all screen locks, like PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint ID, etc. However, Droidkit is one of them, launched recently by iMobie with lots of features using which you can repair Android OS issues without root, including Black Screen, Touch Screen Not Working, Apps Keep Crashing.

However, most importantly, it supports over 20,000+ modes of Android phones and tablets, including Samsung, OnePlus, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, etc. So, if you are here to know more about this great application, then you are in the right place. Yes, today in this article, we will describe everything that you need to know. So, why are we wasting time here? Instead, let’s directly jump into the guide and dig deeper into the Droidkit application and see if it is really a perfect solution to most of your Android problems or not?

DroidKit | World's First Solution to Recover Data, Fix System Issues, and Solve Any Android Problem From One Place
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DroidKit | World’s First Solution to Recover Data, Fix System Issues, and Solve Any Android Problem From One Place

This is one of the perfect pieces of software ever created, as this will help you to resolve your day-to-day Android-related problem. Talking about its features, it has around seven basic robust features that take care of your Android device. So, let’s checked out those seven features and see what specialty they have due to which they dominate the market just after the release.

All 7 Features of Droidkit
Source iMobie

#1. Data Recovery Tool

This is one of the most forefront features of Droidkit as this is not like other tools where you need to root your device. However, in this tool, you will get two data recovery options, Quick Recovery Mode and Deep Recovery Mode, which too support any Android device no matter how old your device is. So, now, if you choose the Quick mode, then the Droidkit will quickly perform a fast scan on your smartphone and scan all your data. Not only that, it will recover all your deleted messages, contacts, and even deleted images. A total of 13 types of data is retrieved using the Quick Recovery Mode.

Whereas, if you use the Deep Recovery Mode, it will dig deeper into your system, and after scanning, it will try to recover the previously stored data that you accidentally or intentionally deleted. Deep recovery mode is not limited to that only. If your smartphone has had an SD card inserted, it will retrieve the data from your SD card as well. You’ll also get a discrete Whatapp recovery mode option in the Deep recovery mode.

Meanwhile, it has a feature that allows you to recover the data you wish to retrieve from your phone.m So, if you ask me, then this is the feature that I liked most about this software provided by the iMobie. If you have lost your data that contains essential files due to some reason on your smartphone, we recommend you to use this application once, and you’ll have no complaint about it for sure.

#2. FRP Bypass Feature

Most of you may not be familiar with the term FRP bypass, so let me clear this first. FRP Bypass is the method of bypassing the factory reset protection of your smartphone. If you have a smartphone with an FRP lock system enabled by default, this tool is for you. But, unfortunately currently, this feature is working for Samsung devices only. So, if you have a device other than Samsung, you need to wait for some time as iMobie will soon add this feature for other Android models too. Also, if you don’t have any technical knowledge regarding FRP bypassing, you need to worry about using this feature; you do not need any technical knowledge.

#3. Data Extract Solution

This is another great feature that Droidkit has. Data extract solution will help you to relentlessly preview and scan all your Google service’s backups such as Google Calendars, Photos, Contacts, etc. Not only that, but it will also extract and give you a preview of Whatsapp backups along with your SIM card data. So, using Droidkit, you get a complaisance to select which data you want to restore without running a complete restoration process, especially when you have less time.

You can also use this feature to retrieve your SD card data that is deleted accidentally. Most importantly, you get the option to delete any specific file or formatting your whole SD card data. However, if you have a broken Samsung smartphone that got broken and now you need to recover your data. Then, this software will help you extract data from your broken smartphone. But, this is currently available for Samsung users only, and we hope the developer will soon add this feature for other Android models and, most importantly, without rooting your device. So, you can do whatever you want to without getting anxious about losing your phone’s warranty.

#4. Screen Unlock Feature

Now, it generally happens to everyone. Sometimes, we forget our screen lock, due to which we cannot access our phone, which forces us to either flash its ROM or take help from an engineer. But, with Droidkit, somehow, if your screen pattern or face recognition fails to work. The Droidkit proves to be a boon for you in that instance. Now, what this application does- it will take immediate action and help you shed the screen lock, no matter which type of screen lock you are using.

However, expect OnePlus this kit will unlock your screen flawlessly within a few seconds without asking you to root your device. But, if you have a OnePlus device, don’t worry because the developer already announced that they would soon include the support for OnePlus devices. Isn’t it amazing? Of course, it is. However, if you have a person who generally forgets your password and typically uses a pin or pattern password, then go for it. Don’t worry! It will not charge you anything as it is an open-source software free for everyone.

#5. Full Android System Repair

Did you know the smartphone you are using going through how many internal issues may damage your phone in the long run? Droidkit knows it. Yes, it will help you detect and automatically take the necessary measure to fix that issue. No matter which type of issue your smartphone is going through (such as crashing phone camera, app crashing, random shutdown, black screen issue, ghost touch, etc.). Droidkit will seamlessly fix them all (if possible) using its intelligent and customization solutions.

Unfortunately, this feature is also currently available for Samsung devices only. But, that doesn’t mean that other Android models will not get this feature. So, in a future update, the developer may add this feature for other smartphone brands.

#6. System Clean Feature

This feature especially helps if you have a low storage device. Now, organizing your files manually is old school method. Using Droidkit, you can organize your files more smartly. Its clean system feature will use its intelligence feature to identify and categorize your large files, APK files, system caches, background application data, media files, etc., on your device. Moreover, the UI is also pretty simple as you just need to choose the file that you need to manage and clear all the junk data from that file.

Also, this feature is supported on all devices and tablets, which offers a much simpler and easier way to clean your system junks clean your system, enhancing your system’s performance.

#7. System Reinstall & Upgrade Android Version

Now, finally, we have our final and last feature that Droidkit offers. If you are using an Android device for a long time, you may know that reinstalling your Android version sometimes becomes a headache as it requires a lot of technical work. Also, to do so, you must need to have some technical knowledge about how to flash ROM externally on your smartphone. Moreover, you need to root your device for doing so. But, with Droidkit, you do not need any prior knowledge or need not worry about losing your warranty. Yes, with this software, you can simply reinstall and upgrade your Android version with a few clicks.

This feature will automatically look for authentic superior ROM for your model and ask you to install or upgrade that ROM on your smartphone. So, if you find that the ROM is good, then you can go for it. Otherwise, you can again start searching for it with just a couple of clicks. Currently, there is no such method available in the market that allows you to reinstall or upgrade your OS without rooting your device, which is the best part of this application.

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Droidkit Overview

As you can already read the above features, I think you got an idea of what Droidkit offers to your smartphone. If you ask me, then I will definitely recommend this application as this is one of the best solutions to your multiple Android problems. Droidkit will fix any type of error in just a few seconds. Yeah! Of course, currently, most of the features only support to limited devices. But, that doesn’t mean it will not be supported on your device. You just be calm and have patient slowly and steadily iMobie will definitely add more Android devices to the supported category list. 

So, that’s it from our side. We hope this complete walkthrough helped you understand the key factors of Droidkit. Now, I think you may have decided whether or not to use this software. If you have any suggestions to recommendations for us regarding the same topic, feel free to ask us by shooting a comment in the comment box below. Further, if you are a new visitor, don’t forget to check out our other latest guides too. 

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