How To Download VLC Player For Windows 11

VLC is the most used and recognized media player available for almost every device, either it’s a mobile phone or Windows, or even in a MacBook. It’s likely that you use it solely for watching your favourite videos and movies. However, VLC Media Player is filled with a full of useful tools and features that you are missing out on any other media player.

VLC is also one of the better free video converters available that can convert your video format to your preferred format like MP4. However, now it looks like that VLC player gets some genial changes for Windows 11. So, now, you’ll enjoy your VLC player even in the more fluent design along with attractive rounded edges.

So, now, if you have the Windows 11 preview version on your PC. But, you didn’t find a way to how to download the VLC Player for Windows 11. So, then, hold on and read this guide as I’m going to show you how you can download and use the VLC media player on your newly updated Windows 11 PC.

How To Download VLC Player For Windows 11

How to Download VLC Player For Windows 11

Look, there are two methods available either you can download the Win32 version of the VLC player directly from the Microsoft Store. Or you can simply hover to the official website of the VLC player and from there download the newest version of the VLC player for your Windows 11 system.

Now, why I’m suggesting you use the Win32 version as this is more comprehensive than the UWP (Universal Windows Application). Not only that, in Win32, you’ll get all the codecs that one can expect from VLC. So now, let’s hover over the methods of downloading your beloved VLC player for Windows 11.

#1. Method: Download it Via Microsoft Store

  1. First of all, open the new Microsoft Store on your Windows 11 PC from the taskbar. 
  2. Now, inside the store, type in VLC under the search box and hit the enter key.
  3. After that, you need to select the VLC Win32 version from the search result.
  4. Then, in the next window, hit the Install button to initiate the installation process. Once it got installed on your device, simply open it and start enjoying your content.

#2. Download Via VideoLAN Website

You can download the VLC media player from the official website of VideoLAN. So, open any of your browsers on your Windows 11 PC. Then, search for After that, at the homepage of the VideoLAN, shift to the VLC tab and select the download option. Then, select the version you want to download and hit on the download button. That’s it. Now, once it gets downloaded, open the downloaded file location and double-click on it to initiate the installing process. Then, follow the on-screen guidelines to install it on your PC. Once done, start enjoying your content.

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What are The Features of the Win32 Version of VLC

Our beloved player is here for the latest OS. However, did you know the best features that you get in the Win32 version of VLC? If no, then here are some of the best features that you get:

  • A newly designed Multimedia player
  • Stunning music and audio player
  • An Advanced subtitle synchronization
  • File transcoding
  • Brand new experiencing while Streaming
  • An in-built digital TV tuner
  • DVD playback along with an Audio CD player

So, that’s all you get from the newly designed VLC player. Now, I think you get how will you download the VLC player for Windows 11. We hope you liked this guide. However, if you have any issues while downloading the player, let us know in the comment box down below. Also, new readers don’t forget to revisit here for such content regularly. 

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