Destiny 2 Calus Mini-Tool God Roll in PvE And PvP

An action-packed MMO game in an evolving game, Destiny 2, a first-person shooter online multiplayer game, free-to-play. With its latest patch, Hotfix, comes new activities, items from vendors, and seasonal challenges. 

However, the Calus mini-tool God roll still remains a fan favorite gun. Released in the Season of Opulence, the Calus mini-tool is arguably the best seasonal firearm in Destiny 2. For players looking for a Calus mini-tool God Roll build for PvE and PvP, continue reading.

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Destiny 2 Calus Mini-Tool God Roll in PvE And PvP

How to Get the Calus Mini-Tool in Destiny 2?

You can get the Calus mini-tool in many ways, simply by exploring the Leviathan and completing the Containment activity. If you decide to spend 500 Vestiges of Dread at the secondary chest after you get rewards as loot, you can get your calus mini-tool. 

Calus Mini-Tool in Destiny 2

Another way of getting the firearm is by focusing on Umbral Engrams at the H.E.L.M. Spend 7 Opulent Umbral Energy to focus your Umbral Engram into the Opulent Weapons engram and get your gun. Let’s see how to get Calus mini-tool God Roll.

How to Get The Calus Mini-Tool God Roll in Destiny 2?

Get The Calus Mini-Tool God Roll in Destiny 2

Depending on your build, there are a lot of directions you can go with the Calus mini-tool. So, if you want to get the Calus Mini-Tool God Roll in Destiny 2, you can follow the steps we have mentioned below:

#1. Build

  1. Corkscrew Riflin.
  2. Tactical Mag.
  3. Graverobber or Threat Detector.
  4. Incandescent.

Players recommend putting Corkscrew Rifling to get the +5 increase in handling, stability, and range. For more range, go for Hammer-Forged Rifling or Arrowhead Brake if you are unable to control the recoil. To get the extra round in the magazine, go with the Tactical Mag. Equip Flared Magwell to get a big reload speed boost.

A lot of people aren’t well equipped with Threat Detector, but it adds consistency to the firearm. If you are going with a melee-heavy build, you should go with the Graverobber. 

The easiest way to spread scorch to a wide amount of targets is by selecting Incandescent as our final perk. If you enhance the peak, the damage will increase significantly.

#2. Build

  1. Full Bore.
  2. Accurized Rounds.
  3. Moving Target.
  4. Tap the Trigger.

A combination of perks that is simply too good to ignore, Full Bore and Accurized Rounds. Moving Target is one of the favorite perks to be equipped with S.M.G.s in PvP mode. It increases your target acquisition and movement speed when you’re ADSing.

Moving Target enables you to take advantage of your mobility tech by staying on target in gunfights.

Full Bore and Accurized Rounds provide the stability that players need in the game. Tap the Trigger will give you the edge that you need in gunfights. The extra accuracy will help you will your 1v1.

#3. Build

  1. Full Bore.
  2. Accurized Rounds.
  3. Grave Robber.
  4. Incandescent.

As mentioned above, Full Bore and Accurized Rounds increase range dramatically. Console players go with Smallbore instead of Full Bore. It will provide you with the stability that you need. 

Incandescent, the new perk introduced in Season of the Haunted, makes an interesting option as a perk. Its effect is very simple; whenever you kill a target, it spreads Scorch stacks to the nearby targets. The stronger the target, the larger the radius of the scorch spread, and the more the damage.

So, that’s how you get the Calus Mini-Tool God Roll in Destiny 2. We hope that you find this guide helpful. Meanwhile, let us know which build you are going with. Moreover, you must also check out Best Solar 3.0 Hunter Build in Destiny 2. Also, make sure to contact us, if you have any suggestions for us. 


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