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Fix: Deathloop 0xc000001d Error (Illegal Instruction)

Deathloop is an amazing game and quite addictive. It provides multiplayer games an entirely new dimension. But, a lot of gamers are getting frustrated with the game’s crashing problem. The game is crashing because of a variety of factors and multiple errors. 

For the crashing issue, the Deathloop 0xc000001d error appears to be more extensive compared to various other errors. But, fortunately, there are some effective solutions available to fix this error. So, we recommend you keep reading this guide because we’ll show you how to fix the 0xc000001d error (illegal Instruction).

Fix: Deathloop 0xc000001d Error (Illegal Instruction)

Best Methods to Fix Deathloop 0xc000001d Error 

It seems like many users are currently suffering from the error code 0xc000001d while playing the Deathloop on their devices. Well, this kind of issue really bothered users as no one wants an interruption while playing their favorite game. But, don’t worry! If you are getting this error after brainstorming with the error, our team has found some great fixes that will surely help you fix this error. So, we recommend you follow them and tell us in the comment section that whether these methods helped you fix the error or not.

Method 1: Enable AES Feature

You might obtain the error message from Arkane Workshops that “Advanced encryption Standard (AES) extension is required. This CPU is not sustained, or the extension was disabled.”

If this is what you are obtaining exactly, then you can check the accessibility of the AES direction set in your present CPU from the BIOS menu by following the actions listed below:

  1. First, restart your PC > Press DEL/F2 key continuously from the boot screen until you participate in the BIOS menu.
  2. Currently, Go to ‘Advanced’> Enable ‘AES’> Ensure to Save and exit from BIOS.
  3. The crashing problem should have gone currently.
  4. However, the chances are high that AES detected any kind of issues with illegal game drive loads on your computer system.

However, if you cannot see AES on your BIOS after that, you can check out the list of CPUs listed below:

Intel CPUs that support AES technology:

  • Westmere
  • Sandy Bridge
  • Ivy Bridge
  • Haswell
  • Broadwell
  • Silvermont/Airmont
  • Goldmont
  • Skylake

AMD CPUs that support AES:

  • Jaguar
  • Puma
  • Bulldozer
  • Piledriver
  • Steamroller
  • Excavator
  • Zen

Method 2: Inspect Graphics Driver Updates

It is highly recommended to inspect graphics driver updates on your PC and install the latest update, if available. A brand-new spot upgrade can fix multiple bugs or security problems with the graphics driver. To do so:

  1. Press Home Windows + X keys to open up the Quick Link menu.
  2. Then, click Device administrator from the list > Double-click on Display adapters.
  3. Right-click on the dedicated video card that you are using.
  4. Next, select Update driver > Choose to Browse immediately for drivers.
  5. If there’s an upgrade available, the system will automatically download & install it.
  6. Once done, restart the computer system to use changes.

Method 3: Disable GPU Overclocking

Bear in mind that sometimes your overclocked GPU can also cause several issues with the system efficiency or game launching problems. So although overclocking may help you to obtain a better gameplay experience, some games may conflict also.

Method 4: Free Up Hard drive Storage space

You should also maximize your hard disk drive storage space on the PC where you have installed the Deathloop game. We recommend you to delete all the unnecessary files from there and also, if possible, then delete all the temp files. 

Method 5: Run Deathloop as an Administrator

Although it is driven to most PC players, ensure to run your game and the steam customer as administrator access. Without having admin access for your game, the chances are high that you might end up with start-up crashes or various other errors. To do so:

  1. Firstly, right-click on the Deathloop.exe icon.
  2. Currently, select properties > Click the Compatibility tab.
  3. Ensure to click the Run this program as an administrator checkbox to checkmark it.
  4. Then, hit the OK to save changes.

Method 6: Confirm Integrity of Game Files

It may be possible that the game files become damaged or missing out on some unfortunate factors, and the game crashes or throws out several errors whatsoever. Because situation, you will need to verify the integration of game files by using the steam customer itself. To do that:

  1. Run the steam client> Click Library.
  2. Right-click on the Deathloop.exe icon on your pc. 
  3. Currently, click properties > Go to Local Files.
  4. Click on the Confirm Integrity of game Files.
  5. You will need to wait on the process until it is finished.
  6. Once done, simply restart your computer system.

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Method 7: Re-install Deathloop

If none of the techniques helped you after that, try reinstalling the Deathloop game to inspect if that helps you to fix the crashing issue or otherwise. To do so:

  1. Firstly, run the Steam client on your computer system.
  2. Then, Go to Collection > Right-click on the Deathloop.exe icon.
  3. Now, hover to Manage > Select Uninstall.
  4. If triggered, click Uninstall once again and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the uninstallation process.
  5. Once done, ensure to reboot your computer system to use changes instantly.
  6. Open up the steam client again and install the game again using the current steam client account.

So, that’s how you will fix the Deathloop 0xc000001d error code. We hope the methods mentioned above work for you. But, in case you are still in the same situation, we recommend you contact the support team and ask for help. 

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