How to Easily Copy Any Directory Address on Windows 11

Finally, Windows 11 is here that gives you a closer exposure to what you prefer. Obsessions, family, friends, music, creations, and many more. Windows 11 is the place where you get features all in one place. With a fresh new feel and tools like copying the directory path as a function that makes it easier for you. However, in this new update, Microsoft added a new feature in the context menu of Windows 11. I’ve personally used this tool, and it really gives pleasure to the Windows fan for sure.

Meanwhile, this Copy as Path tool is convenient and easy to use. One can easily copy and paste the directories file to another location. In contrast, this feature is not available in the older versions of Windows. Yeah! I know most of us do not need to copy or change the directory path. But, still, at some instance in our life, we may need this feature. 

How to Easily Copy Any Directory Address on Windows 11

Windows 11 | How to Copy Any Directory Address 

As we know, Microsoft has just released the official beta version of Windows 11 for some users to test and make it prepare for the final release. Nevertheless, I also downloaded and installed this new overwhelming and beautiful OS on my laptop and trust me, Microsoft really did a miraculous job this time. It’s a bit funny cause while everyone worried about why Microsoft removed the refresh option from this new version, we find this new feature in the context menu. In this context, Microsoft really plays well by providing a feature that nobody ever guessed.

Don’t gauche me if I say that we are really used to some old features that Microsoft offers us in Windows 10 or 8 or 7. So, therefore, when we do not see some of the essential elements in this new version, we are not able to accept this thing. But, I think we must wait until the stable version is out for everyone as this is not the final version that Microsoft offers, and who knows that in the final version, we all might get back our beloved old features.

Anyway, in this new feature, the process of copying any directory address on Windows 11 will involve using both the Windows Powershell and Command prompt. So, let’s under this tool more deeply.

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What is Copy as Path, and How Does It Work?

This Copy as a path is a new integration tool that Microsoft offers in their new upcoming OS inside the context menu. Now, basically, you can use it to copy the full Path of any Directory Address of the selected file. But, how does it works? Well, suppose this is the Path of your file:


Now, if you are working on a command prompt or Windows Powershell and find that you need your COD.exe file path there to proceed further, so, usually what you can do, is manually type the Path there, right? But, using Copy as Path will help you do that so easily. You just need to right-click on the file, and from the drop-down context menu, select the Copy as Path option. After that, simply paste it in the command prompt or Windows Powershell, whichever you are using.

This is the most anticipated feature that users have demanded for almost an eternity. This feature really eases our day-to-day life. So, if you are still have not downloaded Windows 11 on your PC, then download it and use the new features. Also, there’s a great chance that Microsoft for sure adds some other exciting and useful features soon with every update.

Now, if we look at some rumors for when Microsoft releases Windows 11, then there are huge chances that Microsoft outline its plan for official release soon. If you ask me, I would say that we will see the update soon, by the end of 2021. But, that is not confirmed new as it totally depends upon Microsoft officials. Eventually, the release is possible only after fixing and testing the various glitches and bugs present in the beta versions.


Copy as Path is the feature that we need for almost several years. But, finally, this tool is able to make its way through Windows 11. However, most users probably like this feature as users always welcome the new feature that simplifies their day-to-day lives and saves their time. But, after all, time says that this feature is really handy for the users or not. 


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