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Is Clash of Clans Being Removed From iPhone And Android?

My life stops when I am hurt and resumed when I am healed,” Clash of Clans lovers must relate this line after getting the news that almost blew everyone, which compelled them to think about that whether the Clash of Clans being removed from the iPhone and Android?

Clash of Clans ruling the game section for the last nine years. It requires high intention, strategy and war skill to be on the top and huge user base in which you can build your community with your army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters.

It can join with your own or other player clans. If we turn the past pages, we know it is a free game developed and published by Supercell, a Finland based video game company.

After the success of Clash of Clans, Supercell launched many other games like Brawl Stars, Clash Royals, Hay Day etc., all games have different engaging gameplay. But, the question is does Supercell officially announce that they are going to end the support of Clash of Clans for Android and iOS. 

Is Clash of Clans Being Removed From iPhone And Android?

What Are The Facts Behind Clash of Clans Delisting? 

There are rumours in the gaming industry that Supercell is going to shut down in 2022. We also get down deep on the internet and ask Supercell to confirm the news to break this rumour.

But, does the Clash of Clans be removed from the Play Store or App Store or going to discontinue from next year? Let find out and get the truth behind the news.

Supercell regrettably announced that the discontinuation would apply on both platforms due to technical reasons beyond control. However, it’s hard to believe that to stop the ongoing game on some Android and iOS devices.

There is a lot of change in graphics and gameplay due to the launches of new content on the game to make it more challenging and upgrades to engage the players. As a result, it is very tough to operate in older hardware and have many glitches and issues to apply the new demands on devices.

Is Clash of Clan Shutting Down Its Support From iPhone And Android?

You can still play the game on your devices, but from 2022 the Clash of Clans will end the support for the device running on the older versions of both platforms.

Supercell is working on the Winter update of Clash of Clans; the players are running the game on Android 5.0, and iOS 11 will no longer play the game on their devices.

Due to the high demand to upgrade and introduce the new content in the game. It may be possible that the old device hardware cannot run the game. Kindly check the OS version or upgrade your device to meet the minimum requirement to run the game to resolve the issue.

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From Author’s Desk

The Clash of Clan is not shutting down or removed from iOS and Android devices 2022, and you can play the game with a lot of new content and intense gameplay. But it requires getting rid of old devices and updating them with the latest devices.

Unfortunately, the Clash of Clan and many other applications are also planning to end the support from the old devices. So we hope now you can understand and respect the decision of the developer of the game. For more interesting news, bookmark Clancarousel and keep visiting regularly.

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