How to Change The Taskbar Color on Windows 11

Users are getting excited because Windows 11 is going to launch soon this year. But, as we already know, this update contains many new features, and one of them is its totally revamped and new taskbar. However, they’ve added many new features this time, but the one feature that gets a lot of love from users worldwide is its ability to change the color. But, not many users are familiar with this feature; that’s why we are here with a new guide to explain to you how your can change your taskbar color on your Windows 11 PC. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the guide. 

How to Change The Taskbar Color on Windows 11

How To Change the Taskbar Color on Windows 11

You first need to make sure that the system is activated if you wish to change the color of the Windows 11 taskbar. Windows 11 activation is also the prerequisite for customizing additional settings for Windows 11. Here you can see how to see if your Windows 11 is enabled:

  • Click on the Taskbar Search icon.
  • Type the Search box activation settings and choose to continue with the first search result.

You can see your activation status on the System interface. You can alter the color of the taskbar if listed as Active. Do not close this System interface. Do not close this Interface. In the next stage, you’ll use it.

Steps to Change the Windows 11 Taskbar Color

You can follow the steps to change the color of the taskbar while your Windows 11 is enabled:

  • Firstly, from the left menu, select Personalization.
  • Then, to continue, click on the color.
  • After that, select the color that you want to use under the Accent color area.
  • Turn the button next to Start and Taskbar Accent Color Show.
  • You will find that the color of your taskbar will change to your chosen one after these procedures.

How to Adjust the Taskbar Color

Only a few color selections are displayed for you. You can also select to adjust the taskbar color in Windows 11 if you do not locate your required color.

  • Firstly, under the Accent color, locate the Custom color and click on the Color View button.
  • A pop-up interface will appear to allow you to choose the color that you want to use. The comparison between the color you choose and the color you are using is shown on the left.
  • To select your required Color with RGB or HSV, you may alternatively click More.
  • Finally, to save changes, click Done, and the color of the taskbar is changed.

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From Author’s View

The 8th edition of the series was unpleasant for the millions because there was no PC-like interface. But, in the 10th edition, Microsoft completely ignored the development of the touchscreen interface. A similar scenario in Windows 11 shows that the color scheme of the taskbar was confined to MS developers. 

So, that’s it for this guide. We hope you find this guide helpful in changing the color of your taskbar. Now, if you have any problems regarding this topic, please comment on your issue, and our team will surely help you. 

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