How To Fix Cellular Update Failed Error on iOS Devices

If you see an update failed or any sort of message, you’ll see here the cellular update failed error on your iOS device. Well, it means a couple of things has happened, and there’s an issue with the cellular communication feature of your iPhone or iPad.

First, however, probably you cannot make or receive any calls or texts if this message appears. Second, you can also see this message if you go into settings and go to Cellular, which means you cannot use your mobile data, call, anything that uses your cellular data unless you fix this. But, how can you fix this error? Don’t worry! I’m not asking you to fix this by yourself because I’ll help you do so. You just need to perform them step-by-step with care.

How To Fix Cellular Update Failed Error on iOS Devices

How To Fix Cellular Update Failed Error on iOS Devices

It looks bizarre that after updating your iOS device, you get the cellular update failed error due to which you cannot connect to the network. However, it is also very bothersome to reboot your device repeatedly whenever you need to call some as by rebooting. As a result, you may get a cellular connection for a minimal interval of time.

  1. The very first thing that I would recommend you to turn off your iOS device and unplug the SIM card from it. After that, please turn it on and put your SIM card in. This will fix the issue temporarily.
  2. Now, the next step you need to take is to adjust your cellular settings. To do so, Setting< Cellular < WiFi Calling< Turn Off. That’s it. Now, close the settings tab and check if now your device is searching for a network or not.
  3. After that, if the above fix not working, then set the LTE mode to Data only. However, to do so, hover to the Settings< Cellular Data< Enable LTE< Data Only.
  4. Enable Data Roaming. Yes, most of the time, when this option is disabled, your device may not be able to find the nearby network. So, you can try enabling it and check if the issue gets resolved. To do so, hover to the Settings< Cellular Data< Toggle the Data Roaming Button to On Position.
  5. Still, no luck? Check if there is any cellular carrier updates is available. In order to check this, first, you need to connect your iOS device with your WiFi network and then hover to the Settings< General< About< Carrier. Now, if there is an update available, it will show you an Update button. Click on it.
  6. Try to reboot your iOS device forcibly. For this, first press Volume Up and release it. Then, press Volume Down and release it. Thereafter, hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears.
  7. Check if there is any new software update roll out by Apple to fix this issue. You can check it from the general tab inside the settings window.
  8. If nothing works for you, I recommend you to contact your cellular provider or, if needed, then contact the Apple support team for further assistance.

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So, these were some potential, and known fixes that you can try to fix your iOS device’s cellular update failed error. So, are you find the steps mentioned above helpful for you? Use the comment box and give us your valuable feedback or if you know any other fix, then you can hover to our Contact Us section and let our technical team know. So, that’s it for today. 


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