Why Can’t I Add Someone on Facebook

I know it’s a frustrating situation when you want to add someone on Facebook but can’t find the add friend button, and in some cases, there’s an option to follow that person but not add them. If you’re a frequent Facebook user, you’re aware of this issue because it’s now a major issue that puts a person in a perplexing situation. There are a number of reasons for this, and we’ve listed a few of them and their solutions.

Why Can't I Add Someone on Facebook

Why Can’t I Add Someone On Facebook?

Here are some of the reasons because of which you can’t add someone on Facebook.

Reason 1-You Have Already Made a Request

If you’ve tried to add someone before and they haven’t accepted your request, Facebook won’t let you try again. Maybe they forgot.

You can have a look at your pending friend requests. Simply go to Friends, click on Friend Requests, and then View Sent Requests. You can cancel the request from there.

Reason 2 -You’ve Blocked Them, or They’ve Blocked You

If you have ever blocked someone on Facebook, you will not be able to add them as a friend unless you first unblock them. Then, when you look for them on Facebook, you won’t even be able to see their profile.

If you’ve previously blocked someone but now want to add them, go to Facebook’s ‘Blocking’ settings and look through the list of people you’ve blocked. Then, unblock the person you want to add. You can only wait till they unblock you if they’ve blocked you.

Reason 3 -They Turned Down Your Request

Another option is that the individual has already turned you down. If you’ve already made a friend request and aren’t sure why you’re still seeing the Add Friend button, it’s most likely because they declined it. If the Add Friend button is still active, you can send another request.

Also, if they made you a friend request and you declined, but you now want to add them, you might not see the Add Friend button since they have particular privacy settings. Instead, they’ll need to send you another buddy request.

Reason 4 -Their Privacy Preferences

Because of how they may have updated their privacy settings, you may be unable to add someone on Facebook. In addition, a few variables in Facebook’s privacy settings may prevent you from adding someone. For example, you won’t be able to send them a request if their Friend Request privacy is set to “Friends of Friends” and you don’t have any mutual friends.

If you still want to offer them a request, you can send them a message and ask them to do so. Just keep in mind that your message will end up on the person’s message requests page because you’re not friends.

Reason 5 – The Account Has Been Deactivated

It’s also possible that you won’t be able to add someone if their account has been canceled. When someone does this, their account usually remains in some form until they completely remove it. No one, however, will be able to send them friend requests as long as their account remains deactivated.

Reason 6 -You Can’t Send Friend Requests Since You’ve Been Blocked

If you are still unable to submit a friend request after following the above steps, it is likely that you are now restricted from doing so for the following reasons:

  • You’ve lately issued a lot of friend invitations using your account.
  • You have not received any responses to the friend invitations you issued previously.
  • Your previous friend requests have been marked as unwanted.

This type of blocking on Facebook is just temporary. You may simply wait for it to end. Then, the account of the user is deactivated.

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Reason 7 – Your Friend Request Has Been Removed

If it’s been a while since you issued the request, and you know they’ve been active (maybe they’ve changed their profile or cover photo), you might be wondering why they’re not on your friend list. This is because your friend request may have been deleted by the person you’re trying to add as a friend. However, you can see the ‘Add Friend’ button on Facebook after they’ve deleted your friend request in this scenario. It’s worth noting that you could not see the button if they’ve modified their privacy settings.

Hopefully, one of these reasons will provide you with a response, allowing you to continue interacting with friends and enjoying the social networking platform.

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